Bathtub with built-in bookcase


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  1. santellana says:

    Its about darn time. maybe now there will be more of an interest in making all magazines, books and bookmarks water resistant.

  2. Chris Schmidt says:

    I drop my Sony Reader into a heavy duty ziplock bag. Works great.

  3. Wiley Wiggins says:

    Well, at least it’s not a (*^#%@%)( steampunk disney-themed bookshelf bathtub.

  4. Mitch says:

    Damp books would be a perfect habitat for silverfish
    and other moisture and cellulose loving creatures.

    I might like it for a place to put bathroom
    knicknacks, like the jars of colored soap balls
    you don’t actually use.

  5. Songe says:

    I always have trouble keeping my hands dry.

    #12 lol

  6. Jake0748 says:

    I guess many of us do some reading in the “littlest room”, but I’d never store books in there. The humidity makes them get all swollen and ugly. There is an aquarium bathtub at the same link Cory mentioned. Now THAT would be cool.

  7. badger says:

    Kinda neat, I can see where water would be a problem. That could be fixed with some legs to elevate it. Would be a good place for all those magazines that accumulate.

  8. Elapsv says:

    I guess the shelves are perfect for storing almost anything. Females are used to have tons of bottles and stuff like this. Anyway, I use my book shelves (surely not in bathroom) to store lots of other things, not only books.

  9. jonathan_v says:

    that looks like a great way to get books wet!

    i’ve never seen a tub that didn’t form puddles on the platform area that drip down the sides

    then you have to deal with kicking water every each way off your feet/legs as you walk

  10. mikesum32 says:

    I’m guessing the book drying attachment is extra ?

  11. Jeff says:

    No. I mean, why even bother thinking this might work? Bathrooms get wet without trying. If your house is so tight that you need to store books in the bathroom, I’m willing to bet that the bathroom itself is small and doesn’t have the extra surround space the tube requires. And if the bathroom is big enough, I bet there are better things to store, such as towels, bath products, electrical appliances, children’s bath toys…

  12. cisco says:

    Is there some correlation between the push for ebook adoption and the insistence with incorporating a book shelf into every piece of furniture? I know, probably not ;-)

    It’s more likely a case of people seeing that something gets attention, so they crank the wheel on it.

    The last person to jump on will only have one option. Look! A shelf … with an integrated book shelf!

  13. Clumpy says:

    Perfect place for those thrift store / cheapo bookstore books. The sort of books and magazines that you like to read in short bursts like “Mental Floss”, but won’t get choked up about if they warp. And they will warp.

    I still find this bookshelf stuff interesting. Hearing the word “steampunk” is starting to make me queasy, though.

  14. Takuan says:

    never mind ebooks, all I ever wanted were printed page books on material to read in the sauna,the shower, the tub, the rain, the boat

  15. Marshall says:

    This is totally a bad idea from a “keeping your favourite books dry” angle, but it’s totally tempting, as I would spend 8-12 hours a day reading in the bath if I were idle rich or retired.

  16. hoguguy says:

    Further proof that the fastest way to get something posted on BoingBoing is to add a bookshelf to it.

  17. pendraphen says:

    This may not be the dumbest idea ever, but it’s certainly in the Top 100. As five other people have already mentioned, a book’s worst enemy is water.

  18. ouvintes says:

    must be dangerous for the books though, if you get too excited with your rubber duck

  19. mikesum32 says:

    #12 Wiley Wiggins

    You just gave me a great idea !

  20. Hunty says:

    @#12: Don’t forget the DRM! :)

  21. Geektronica says:

    I could see this possibly working for either magazines and books that you don’t care about getting wet (such as Cradle2Cradle, which is made of plastic), or for non-book items as others have said.

    It seems only basic common sense, though, that the top of the tub would have to have some kind of lip to keep water from running over the edges and down into the books. Even if you could tolerate having books in your bathroom on a permanent basis, this has got to be the worst possible way to store them. It looks as if no attention at all has been paid to the path water will follow after it inevitably gets on the top surface of the tub.

    Clean lines may work well for the MacBook Pro, but on a bathtub, they’re just stupid. On a bathtub that’s also a bookshelf (a $17,500 one, no less), they’re fatal to the form/function synergy that designers are supposed to, you know, be good at creating.

  22. Merc says:

    So let’s see, I get out of my chair with a built-in bookcase, walk up my stairs with a built-in bookcase to take a bath in my bathtub with a built-in bookcase.

    It’s probably just more practical to put in a bit of shelving.

  23. Takuan says:

    for $17,500, couldn’t I hire someone to hold the book and turn the pages for me? Don’t worry, I’d use bubblebath

  24. artbot says:

    Pointless and stupid design hybrids make the baby Jesus cry.

  25. leo says:

    Pointless and stupid design hybrids fill Boing Boing editors with glee.

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