Giant dome made from 1,000 Hula Hoops and cable-ties


8 Responses to “Giant dome made from 1,000 Hula Hoops and cable-ties”

  1. dagfooyo says:

    I bet a lot of these will be appearing at Burning Man this year.

  2. mattymatt says:

    Sure is a lot of plastic. I wonder if there’s a more earthy way to build one of these?

  3. Agent 86 says:

    Hula-hoop, what can’t 1,500 of you do!

  4. kaiza says:

    My first thought too. The hula-hoops could be resold/given away/donated to kids charity, but the zip ties?

    wicker comes to mind, but it just doesnt have the appeal of the hula-hoop does it? I guess it’s the colour as well as the shape. Perhaps they could just use a different fastener.

  5. Skep says:

    12,000 zip ties I can swing. It’s the 1,500 hoola-hoops I can’t do. Sigh, no techno/redneck geodesic pool cover this year.

  6. strider_mt2k says:

    Patience, Kodos.

    Soon the humans will make a dome with so many hula-hoops and so many zip-ties that they will surely destroy themselves…

  7. nataliej says:

    hehe, okay, maybe it’s my fault for being British, but I was *so* expecting to see a dome made from the little KP snacks of the same name!


  8. AnnC says:

    Seems like hula-hoops created a massive disruption in the electromagnetic field that disabled both of the poster’s shift keys.

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