Drew Carey's incredible rant about his rapturous sexual/religious experience seeing Phish at the Sphere

When I saw chatter about an April 22 Drew Carey tweet in which he freaks out about his experience attending a Phish concert at Las Vegas's Sphere, I thought his account may have been hacked. Not only was it over-the-top and possibly out of character (?), but the immediately previous tweets on his account were from November 2023 saying he was leaving Xitter.

But all questions about the tweet's authenticity were put to rest after Carey's appearance on the CBS show After Midnight last night. In this unedited (aside from bleeping) cut of the taping, it takes no more than the prompt, "If you weren't being taped right now, what would you say?" for him to get out from behind his game-show podium, take center stage, and deliver a hilarious, insane, NSFW rant about seeing Phish at the Sphere.

The audience, host Taylor Tomlinson, and co-panelists "Weird Al" Yankovic and Thomas Lennon (what a lineup of comedy heroes!) were astounded and delighted. When it was over, Lennon, said solemnly to the audience, "People will ask you for interviews about the day that you were there. You don't have to give them, but you can."

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