Motherlode of cool science toys

The Middlesex University Teaching Resources shop sells all manner of awesome science toys for kids of all ages. Right now the front door is selling highly light-scattering nano-material, paper made from elephant poo, elasticated balls in mesh bags, a wide variety of science exploration kits, a hydrogel that expands to form artificial snow and many other bits of assorted nift.

The material is a cast thermo-setting resin with extraordinary memory properties. Most polymers have some 'memory' but this one can be stretched by up to 200% and still remember its original condition.

When heated above 70°C, it softens, and can be shaped by stretching, bending, blowing etc. When cool it retains its new shape, but if the material is re-heated to 70°C, it reverts to its flat sheet condition.

Sheet size is approximately 3mm thick x 100mm x 150mm.

Link (Thanks, Yishay!)