Man uses hedgehog as weapon

William Singalargh, 27, of New Zealand's North Island, was arrested for assaulting a 15-year-old boy with a hedgehog. He apparently hurled the animal at the boy. From The Daily Telegraph:
"It hit the victim in the leg, causing a large, red welt and several puncture marks," Senior Sergeant Bruce Jenkins said...

It was not known whether the hedgehog was dead or alive when thrown on February 19, but it was dead when collected as evidence.
Link (Thanks, Sean Ness!)


  1. Requires the Weapon Proficiency (Exotic) feat.

    (One-Handed Exotic Weapon)
    1d6 piercing / bludgeoning Damage
    19-20 x4 Crit

  2. So that’s what prickly heat is . And for all these years I thought it was something else .

  3. [the hedgehog] was dead when collected as evidence.

    If only he’d had at least one ring…

  4. i blame Television and shows like Pokemon.



  5. Followup: US government now requiring 15-day waiting period and registration on purchase of plumbers and large men in power armor.

  6. Looks like Nanny Ogg’s song was wrong after all. This poor little hedgehog got proper… well I’m sure you know the rest.

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