Steampunk Star Wars modded action figures -- woah!

Sillof (he of the badass Justice League of America steampunk action figure mods) has just unveiled his latest: a deeply awesome range of steampunk Star Wars action figures. Link (Thanks, Sillof!)


  1. C3P0 ftw!

    Other than that, I’m not sure I like them any better than their regular style.

    I did have a grand time browsing his other customizations :)

  2. I love that the lightsabers have power cords!

    I wonder if they’re interchangeable, or if it’s the same situation we have with cell-phone chargers today?

  3. I think those storm troopers remind me of the Necromongers (sp?) From the Riddick movie. Did you know that the Nazi’s uniforms were designed by Hugo Boss? I like the look of these characters better than the original.

  4. Not sure that I understand his problem with Leia’s hair buns, but the rest of it is pretty awesome.

  5. There are some nice design elements on some of the other characters but the original Vader is much better then this new one.

  6. Luke’s hair looks like it wandered out of anime world, but that could just be me. Vader and the storm troopers are especially awesome!

  7. Star Wars already IS steampunk.

    C3PO is steampunk.
    Chewbacca’s crossbow is steampunk.
    Jabba’s barge is steampunk.
    Imperial walkers is steampunk.

    Landspeeder’s dented grillwork?

    Steampunk steampunk steampunk.

  8. yep you are. That MIGHT make you retarded, of course. (apologies to those good people everywhere who have been made to suffer by the careless, irresponsible use of “retard: as a slur)

  9. Asscore5003 @ 13:

    Unfortunately, the domain is already taken, but is still available. In case you were looking to set up your own blog where you could piss on other people’s enthusiasms all you want.

  10. No, Asscore5003, but you seem to be one of those people who think that telling an author authors a blog that you like that you think he’s “retarded” is somehow an appropriate social interaction. Very special.

  11. The creator of the figurines says he was going for a “World War 1”-type rifle look for the storm troopers (whose uniforms I do like, btw), but I think he fails in this. He should’ve taken a German Mauser as his prototype, or a Lee Enfield or a Mosin-Nagant. In any case, he ended up producing something that looks like a cross between a US Army M-14 from the 1950s and a Yugoslavian-made SKS rifle w/ grenade launcher attachment.

    Leia with a flintlock? Couldn’t she at least get a Webley revolver?

  12. Look. I’m not sayin’ anybody here belongs on the short bus, but if there’s one thing the Boingers have always had in spades, it’s the courage of their own tastes. They like steampunk. This is not going to go away. Stop beating your collective heads against the wall.

  13. JJR1971: the rule as I know it says that if you ever have to specify a gun and have no idea where they are or what they were actually using, say it was a modified Enfield. This gives you the largest number of chances to be right. Also, the real gun geeks will get distracted trying to figure out what an Enfield was doing there, and how it had been modified and by whom.

  14. I dream of the day that I can read the comments on a steampunk [or insert any new/old/questionable thing] post without seeing any naysayers. For people to have matured so much that they can skip past something they don’t like. For anyone with valid criticisms to express them eloquently, succinctly, and tactfully, remembering that the person or persons they are addressing are human being(s). I’ll probably be dreaming a long time.

  15. @Avram,
    YES! He’s a bit too masculine, maybe, but perfect other than that!


    For the record: I for one second the idea of a Steampunk Gilligan’s Island! Maybe we should mass-mail the man, and get it done?

  16. I think the Professor’s inventions on Gilligan’s Island could lend themselves to their own steampunk-like aesthetic. Bamboopunk? Cocopunk? Nutpunk?

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