Tom Horacek gag cartoon

Insidejokke This silly gag cartoon by Tom Horacek made me laugh out loud at an inappropriate time. It's from Horacek's new collection, "All We Ever Do Is Talk About Wood," published by Drawn & Quarterly. You can see more pages from the book at the D&Q site.
Link (Thanks, Mike Love!)


  1. This is so sad. I always wondered what happened to the Peanuts characters now that they’re pushing 50. Child star syndrome I guess.

  2. yer kidding? Bazooka Joe? Is the irony shooting right over your head? Do you find the Perry Bible Fellowship “too literal”?

  3. I wouldn’t say that the displayed comic was the funniest of of the PDF previews (the horse head with the centaurs got my vote), but I would say that I love how mainstream the art style is for such sharp humor. The usage of the word “hydrocephalic” on the site annoyed me a bit though…

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