Mom and baby rob candy store

Christine Ruther, 19, brought her baby along with two three accomplices to rob a candy store in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio. From
 Media News E 2 D E2D28F72-C91B-4Ea9-9Cf6-Eceba1817D77 Story Police say Ruther took her baby out of a stroller so they could fill it with $400 worth of candy.

Officers followed a trail of candy wrappers to Fourth and Race Streets, where they arrested...
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  1. Minges Candy Store?

    $400 worth of Minge candy?

    The first time that I tried to leave this comment I got the “text entered was wrong” error.

  2. wow. this happened right down the road from me. and now it’s made it to boing boing.


    we raise winners.

  3. Officers followed a trail of candy wrappers

    OK, I’m no criminal mastermind, but I’m pretty sure this is the point where their getaway plan started to go awry.

  4. Thievery, om nom nom nom!

    Who the hell steals $400 worth of candy and then leaves a trail of wrappers clear enough for the cops to follow?? I suspect either hyperbole on the reporting agency’s part, or else a crime born out of intense cravings for delicious candy rather than outright greed for things without having to pay for them.

  5. There were three accomplices . . . four if you count the baby.

    This young lady needs to grow up. Someone in her situation should be eating something more nutritious than candy. Shouldn’t she be stealing Hot Pockets or frozen pizza or Spaghetti-O’s instead?

  6. Yeah, I wonder that same thing. It wouldn’t surprise me if the older males were using them. The comments on the news site are pretty ugly. But ya know, I have to think a lot of crap like this isn’t due to choices the society has made. Things like no health care for low income folk or the way our society simply has abandoned the developmentally disabled. They are simply left to fend for themselves and eventually end up in the legal system. There are too many mentally ill and disabled in our jails.

  7. Christ, could she have looked more the part? Did the police also follow the sound of her stuffing her face and, by proxy, the void in her soul? Is she the spawn of an unholy pairing of the Hamburglar and Cookie Monster, godfathered by Barney Rubble in the throes of a Fruity Pebble jones? Did her Blackberry malfunction and fast-forward six months to Halloween? During pregnancy had she become convinced her belly would burst forth like a pinata and this was what she thought she was due?

    Seriously, any of these would make more sense than what seems to be dull (emphasis on “dull”) reality.

  8. Everyone jumps on her case cuz she can pinch an inch, but no one wants to point out that these fascist candy stores extort us all and until heroes like this get the recognition they deserve Big Sugar will continue to run its jackboots over us.

  9. I didn’t pick on her for being fat. That was a serious diagnosis based on facial feature proportions.

  10. Wrappers as a trail? Hmmm… Reminds me of everyone’s favorite hero – Bobby Brady. Luckily for those Brady boys, Bobby saved the day!

    I think everyone overlooked the STREET VALUE of that candy!!

  11. Yeah. Trail of wrappers. Has the makings of a really short episode of CSI.

    MMMM. Better yet, Law & Order. But while the identity of the thieves will be determined quickly, by the end of act one we’ll learn that the baby didn’t belong to Christine.

    Or maybe the four young rocket scientists will start coughing up blood because . . .

    . . . well, I should stop giving away ideas for free. If there’s another writer’s strike I am SO going to be a scab!

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  13. Geez, I always used to steal it one or two pieces at a time… Did they really need $400 worth all at once?!?

    Even $10 worth of inexpensive candy (easy enough to grab inconspicuously) would take all day to eat surely. Doing that at several different locations for 40 days would admittedly be inconvenient, but it would be safer and would more than get the job done for most sugar addicts.

    It’s the economics of the baby-carriage-full-of-candy caper that makes me scratch my head. I’d love to see someone run the numbers on this, risk vs. reward, etc. If you want to steal candy what is the most efficient plan?

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