Psychonalyst finger puppets


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  1. Antinous says:

    Sometimes an index finger is just an index finger.

  2. baf says:

    The Jung puppet will be invaluable for Dresden Codak cosplay.

  3. Stu Mark says:

    I am reminded of the film “What About Bob?”

  4. ablestmage says:

    How is it that “psychoanalyst” is misspelled both times (heading and summary)?

  5. Avram says:

    I’d seen these puppets before, but the couch is new to me. Great addition to the line.

  6. scottfree says:

    how do Anna Freud and Carl Jung get puppets and Jacques Lacan and Willhem Reich don’t? Or Stephen Trask or guattari or even poor Melanie Klein? Otto Rank is way more interesting then Jung, for instance, and Anna Freud did her level best to destroy the science of psychoanalysis with her ego psych trip.

    Make a series of psychoanalyst action figures and Ill buy them, but Lacan better come with cooler accessories than Anna Freud.

  7. Moon says:

    Don’t worry about it, SCOTTFREE. Nobody’s buying any of these except Sigmund Freud and the couch.


  8. Takuan says:

    because you’re CRAZY?

  9. standard_grey says:

    I was thinking the same thing. No Adler, either.

    Maybe a deSaussure one- by extension, since you mentioned Lacan? Or maybe Lacan with a Slavoj Zizek ventriloquist dummy….

  10. Takuan says:

    it certainly adds a new terror to compulsive masturbation

  11. Ceronomus says:

    You can get these and something like 12 other sets directly from the Unemployed Philosopher’s Guild at

    I’m a particular fan of the Axis of Evil III set with Bush, Cheney, Rice and Rumsfeld.

  12. scottfree says:


    the absence of the letter a renders the phrase nalyst. NAL of course, is the national agricultural library, the nations source of information on all thins farming. coupled with the prefix psycho, this calls to mind the agricultural neurological disease, hoof and mouth, about which BB also posted today. It is possible the subject is revealing throuh what at first sight appears to be a typographical error a fixation on hooves or hands and mouths, since he renders psychoanalyst, the person who would assist the subject in realising his drives, pschonalyst, presumably a person concerned with the archiving of neurological agricultural problems, the foremost of which and most relevant to the discussion is hoof and mouth. This would also explain why he is endorsing a puppet which would render it impractical to couple the hand and mouth in the act of, for instance, eating–the process throuh which one catches hoof and mouth, or in other words, the process throuh which he would obtain the object of his drive. Thus what we are dealing with is a sublimated repudiation of the oral drive. Obviously.

  13. lautaylo says:

    @ Scottfree: We should just skip the middle man and make our own.
    *Wilhelm Reich and His AMAZING “ORGONE CHAMBER”!
    *Abraham Maslow – use his “HIERARCHY OF NEEDS” Pyramid to Chart Your Self-Fulfillment! (self-fulfillment not included)
    *Karen Horney and Her “WOMB of STEEL”!

  14. Takuan says:

    now I’m crazy

  15. mrs rubbish says:

    You think that’s cute…check out
    where you will see a collection of LONDON’s MOST FASHIONABLE FINGER PUPPETS!! London’s Christopher Kane, Paul Smith, Vivienne Westwood, Luella, Julie Verhoeven… a veritable crew of designer digitisers, all knitted and ready to glamorise the palm of your hand.
    There’s already a waiting list for this limited edition merry gang, who will be joined next season by the NEW YORK brigade, followed after that by PARIS and MILAN designers.
    Let the finger wrestling commence!

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