Access Denied: report on Internet censorship around the world


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  1. elsmiley says:

    Serious question: Is our Interwebs censored in the US? I honestly don’t know.

  2. The Unusual Suspect says:

    Even Canada censors its Internet, though most people are unaware of that.

    Under “Project Cleanfeed”, Canadian ISPs are required by police (though NOT required by law) to respond to requests for certain blacklisted pages with a false “404 – Not Found” message.

    Originally, such pages were blacklisted because individuals operating behind a shell organization named “Manitoba Child Find” deemed them to contain child pornography.

    Currently, of course, it’s is impossible to know which pages are blacklisted or why, because these individuals are not accountable to the public.

  3. presterjohn says:

    I’ve been hearing on the Radio about how the Internets is a big evil thing which is helping International Crime, and I’m starting to suck my thumb and I hope the Governments will come to rescue me from the series of tubes soon.

  4. Seth Finkelstein says:

    My Guardian column about this book has just been published, readers might find it interesting:

    “The issue of whether the internet can be censored, and how governments are trying to do it, continues to be fought around the world”

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