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  1. scottfree says:

    I’m all about this. One of the only tv shows I ever bother watching is Bizarre Foods. After a half decade as a vegetarian/eventually vegan [which represents a substantial proportion of my young life], I cannot now look at an animal without wondering what it would taste like, and how I would prepare it. Domestic pets excluded…mostly.

    As a general rule, also, the weirder the food, the more likely someone will tell you it will improve your potency. I don’t know why.

  2. Tenn says:

    @11 Sonipitts,

    Much as I never complained about the earthworms Mama bird fed me, I shan’t complain about bee’s regurgitation.

  3. Hanglyman says:

    I’ve never eaten bugs before, but wouldn’t you get pieces of carapace stuck in your teeth, sort of like when you eat popcorn that hasn’t popped all the way? Can someone who has eaten them describe the texture?

  4. Jason McIntosh says:

    I discovered them a couple of years ago when a dear friend bought me a packet of “Monkey-picked tea”, which dried tea leaves… picked by monkeys.

    It’s a fun conversation piece, but I don’t foresee ever opening it. There’s a definite have-versus-eat problem with these sorts of things!

  5. Christopher says:

    I got a BUNCH of these for Xmas this year, and I can’t rate them highly enough. The Scorpion Extract Soap is a great shampoo and body wash, and I’m looking forward to trying my Salvia Divinorum Sucker as soon as I line up someone to “spot” me. ;) Haven’t had the Croc Curry (as pictured) or the Scorpion Vodka yet…

    It was a great joke that evolved opening these on Xmas morning, because everything in the scary black wrap from “Santa” turned out to be more frightening than the last thing. We all had a great time with mugging the terror as we opened each.

  6. paulj says:

    The Pythons were on to something with crunchy frog:

  7. sonipitts says:

    @10 – “If it’s already been in something else’s digestive system, it isn’t going in mine.”

    No honey for you, then? Can I have your share?

  8. Pipenta says:

    A friend gave me some chocolate-covered insects last week. The crickets were okay. The mealworms (I think they were mealworms, some kind of beetle larvae is my guess…) were nasty.

    The site is a disappointment. I’d hoped to realize a lifelong dream to eat some honeypot ants. Ah well. Anyone know where I can get some?

  9. ornith says:

    A friend of mine and I ventured into that shop, or one very like it. Just the existence of hornets that big fills me with unreasoning terror; they’re literally 3 inches long. My friend actually bought one of those civet (or was it weasel?) coffees as a gift for another friend, and the two of them drank the stuff! EW, I say. If it’s already been in something else’s digestive system, it isn’t going in mine. How on earth did someone come up with this stuff in the first place? “oh hey, this weasel vomit/civet poop has coffee beans in it. want some coffee?”

    I have, however, eaten a few unusual animals:
    elk (as fajitas) – like ordinary steak, but tougher; I don’t even think it’s all that weird, but if reindeer pate counts I guess elk does too.
    alligator (fried) – really DOES taste like chicken.

  10. Antinous says:

    Can I sign up for an alert when they start carrying vat meat?

  11. Tenn says:

    @ 1 Hanglyman

    Yes, you do get bits of carapace stuck in your teeth. It depends on whether they’re part of a prepared dish or not, though. Aaaand the type of bug. Beetle-type bugs are like that popping candy- you break through the shell and there’s a …. mealy sort of interior.

    Entirely unrelated, but whole raw octopus (itty bitty violet ones) also has this sort of effect- ‘pop’, then suckers clinging to your teeth tongue roof of mouth frenulum uvula esophagus EVERYTHING, then like a ‘liquid filled center’ of surprise that’s very saltwatery.

    Excuse me, I have to go figure out where ‘culture involvement’ ends and ‘insanity’ begins.

  12. Antinous says:

    Oddest meal ever? I had rattlesnake soup and golden weasel with leeks for a New Year’s Eve dinner in SF. Tak-kun?

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