Micro-origami for drug delivery

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Engineers have demonstrated how to make microscale origami-like containers that could be used as drug delivery devices in the body. The hinged structures were created in polysilicon and are only 30 micrometers on a side. (One inch is 25,400 micrometers.) The team from the USC Information Sciences Institute published their "recipe" in the Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering. Link


  1. Surely I’m not the only person who imagined drug dealers packing tiny paper cranes with cocaine and them sending them to junkies, carried on gusts of wind.

  2. It took me about four readings before I realised it wasn’t talking about drug mules.

    ‘Wot? Take /that/? Up the bum?’

  3. Oragami for Orgone…very good. I’m just happy to see someone use micrometer instead of micron.

  4. Fond memories of Red Dragon blotter – between this post and the one on Dr. Hoffman I’m having a rather pleasant day of flashbacks. Thanks!

  5. ironically, after the lifesaving drug has been successfully delivered, its sharp edged delivery vehicle will kill you.

  6. i second post #13–when talking about scales, its only useful to compare things of the same order of magnitude. for example 30 µm is technically a fine sand.

  7. But how much actual drug could you fit into one?

    I didn’t see this info in the article, but I wonder if an active amount of anything other that LSD would fit in there. Perhaps they are intended to be used in.. flocks? teams? .. eh .. help me out somone.

    Also, noticed they are called Voxels, so when they do eventually get drug-drugs in there, we can say “let’s Vox’ pop!” ..ugh

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