Future of Making map from Institute for the Future


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  1. Jeff says:

    “I am making the future!” sounds like a chaos mage mantra.

  2. Oren Beck says:

    There WAS a formerly steep gap of sorts between maps as representations of objects or objects in their own sense. And the sense that mutability of many items was inherently low. We have challenged both concepts. And are working on making them historical.

    Fabricators that can translate a “Map” into an object. 3-D capture techniques that can make a “Map” of objects. Developing the skills to modify our possessions. As we see fit. All converging to a sort of tipping point. Alvin Toffler:


    Forecast that we would have custom production runs of one item. We now have seen that vision carried to a scale breathtaking for it’s affect on us all.

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