Greg Dulli sings Sam Cooke

Dullirodd Here is an old soulful cover of Sam Cooke's "Having A Party" by Greg Dulli, former frontman of one of my all-time favorite modern rock bands, Afghan Whigs. The first national magazine article I ever wrote, for Alternative Press, was about the Whigs, who I knew growing up in Cincinnati, Ohio. And Cooke's "Having A Party" was my wedding song, so this cover has special meaning to me. On hiatus from his current band Twilight Singers, Dulli just put out a killer new record with Mark Lanegan (Screaming Trees, Queens of the Stone Age), under the moniker Gutter Twins. The album, titled "Saturnalia," is some heavy-ass neo-gothic gospel.

Link to Dulli's Having A Party video
Link to buy Gutter Twins
Link to Summer's Kiss for more on Whigs, Gutter Twins, Twilight Singers


  1. This is one of the things that I love about BoingBoing – that there’s always a little bit of personal connection thrown into the mix – Thanks for the story, Dave. As a guy who found non-hit radio in the 80s, I love the Whigs. Beautiful moment with Greg.

  2. You all should check out Afterhours — they’re basically the Italian version of Afghan Whigs.

    Somehow they formed a team with Dulli recently… they toured as the backing band for Twilight Singers or Gutter Twins, then started exchanging members with one another. Dulli sometimes tours/plays with them, they’ve collaborated on tracks together, and i believe he’s been putting out their records in the US.

    You can do a Yahoo search on “dulli afterhours” and find a ton of videos and tracks.

  3. @Jonathan (#4), Good call. The Afterhours album “Ballads For Little Hyenas” includes a great cover of Lou Reed’s “The Bed” sung by Dulli and Manuel Agnelli.

  4. Is it just me or does Dulli in the Havin’ a party video look like a young, thinner Belushi and sort of sound that way as well in the limited audio fidelity of the clip. It’s eerie.

  5. after spending almost 2 years visiting daily, THIS compeeled me to finally and official “sign up”. thanks for the article!

    anything Dulli does is golden- afghan whigs, twilight singers (powder burns is amazing!), gutter twins, and yes, do check out “afterhours”!

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