Pop-bottle snap-on cup makes ice cream floats on demand

The Fizz Cup is a cup that screws on to the top of a pop bottle. You fill it with ice-cream and squeeze the bottle and the soda rushes over the ice-cream and turns into an ice-cream float that fizzes out and into your gob, sparing you the mess of making ice-cream floats the old way. Link (via Shiny Shiny)


  1. This looks pretty cool.

    In Michigan I’ve heard soda and pop and cola and pretty much everything but when ‘get me a coke’ gets answered with ‘what kind’?

    I think I heard that’s a Southern thing.

  2. That looks delicious. I wonder if these will get very popular. Sounds relatively effortless.

  3. This was already invented. There was a gadget sold in the early 1960s that was a plastic ball that split on the “equator” with spouts on the axis. Just like this you filled it with ice cream and drank the soda through it. I’ll bet it was like 29 cents.

    As I remember it may have been promoted by Seven-Up. It was hawked on the lunchtime “Bozo’s Circus” on WGN in Chicago.

    For some reason, we had to buy and drink 7-up through it, but I’m sure we tried it with Coca-Cola.

  4. I’d rather have my ice cream floats in a glass. That plastic gadget is going to be a real pain to clean.

    And I remember the gadget that Mongo had. Never bought one, but saw the ads. It seemed stupid, yet compelling. Forty years later, it just seems stupid.

  5. “The ultimate ‘on the go’ soda float device” hahaha is there a lesser adequate one out there somewhere? And who’s so damn fat and lazy they need to be able to make a float on the go?

  6. @Mongo

    Yeah I remember those and it was what immedialty came to mind when I saw the post. I was pretty young but I seem to recall it being during the Nixon / Kennedy presidential race and the product was called Mixen or something like that. I still get flashes of the icecream/7-up mixers when I hear Nixons name.

  7. In what situations will you have access to a 16-24 oz. soda, this plastic device, ice cream, and a scoop but no access to an actual glass? I guess the mechanics of it are kind of neat, but it seems like another solution in search of a problem, and the idea that it’s in any way less “messy” than a traditionally-made float seems pretty laughable.

    However, I do think it would make a fair amount of sense as a disposable item that came already filled with ice cream. Not environmentally sensible, perhaps, but at least there would be a reason for it to exist . . .

  8. Very good memories Mongo/Erict!

    They were usually called ‘Fizz-nik’s (cuz-y’see they were marketed not long after the launch of the Sputnik and everything had to be related to space) uhm…

  9. You could probably market the glass as a solution to the messiness of this device.

  10. I, like the majority of Ohio, refer to the beverage as “pop,” not soda.

    I’d have to confirm Razordu30’s usage map is accurate.

    Makes me wonder what the “other” category comprises of. “Sooder,” “Sody Pop,” “Fizzy Drink”?

  11. @Theophrastus

    Yeah that was the thing I remember thought I seem to recall them being marketed in Rocky the Squirrel heads and those of other cartoon characters.

    I wonder if there is a patent infringement / conflict potential here. I noticed a patent number in the wiki you linked to.

    It is cool that these are being manufactured again but If they tried to patent it….

  12. @Razordu30 I’ve seen that map before, but note that it’s based on geography, not population. The yellow “soda” areas cover a lot of the most densely populated parts of the country, while a lot of the blue “pop” regions are largely rocks and trees.

  13. Sigh, now I’m sitting here in 100 degree weather and I wish I hit the local A&W for a float.

  14. Okay, who else has ever had Moxie? I used to get a glass of half Moxie, half milk when I came home from school every day.

  15. in Australia we call an ice-cream float “a spider”… i have no idea why?! but it sure sounds fun.

  16. @Razordu30

    That map is funny. I think it corresponds in Illinois to pretty much where I’ve always said grocery “bags” start to become “sacks.”

    Somewhere further south automobile “accidents” on the traffic reports become “wrecks.”

    For the record it’s “soda pop” so we’d be two measures on the map.

  17. Yes, I remember the old ones. You would just put ice cream in the center, and snap the 2 half round pieces together and they would fit onto the old soda bottles. They made great floats. My brothers used them every night.

    My parents had bought them in different colors for each of us.

    The favorite of the family was a “root beer” float.

    This new product seems better in some ways as it screws onto the bottle not just pushed into it. Less chance of it coming apart that way.

    Although, I do not like the the taste of ice cream or soda. I am one of a few I guess.

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