Uh-oh! Uncontrollable Donald Trump rage-posts meme calling out Mike Pence — key witness to Jan. 6 case — as the enemy

The chronically angry Donald Trump bashed a key witness to his Jan. 6 election interference case — Mike Pence — reposting a meme that calls out the former vice president — along with President Biden and Nancy Pelosi — as his enemy. And according to Meidas Touch Network, this latest outburst could be challenging the "terms of his bond release barring Trump from attacking witnesses."

The meme, originally posted on Truth Social by "FruitSnacks," shows an image of Biden with "GUILTY" stamped on his forehead, Pelosi with devil horns, and Pence donning his beloved housefly in his hair.

"Questioning election results is not a threat to democracy," the meme says. "But stealing an election is!" (See MTN graphic below, posted by Patriot Takes.)

Trump's meme is on the right track, but neglects to include inciting a deadly riot at the Capitol, continuing to lie about election results, attempting (but failing) to steal an election, and a portrait of Trump as threats to democracy.

From MTN:

Former Vice President Mike Pence is a witness in Trump's January 6th case. Despite the terms of his bond release barring Trump from attacking witnesses, Trump shared an election denier themed post on Truth Social Tuesday night attacking Pence. …

This is a reference to Trump's January 6th case. Trump is painting Pence as his political opponent and signaling to his MAGA base that Pence is the enemy.

Trump continues to test his release terms and his gag orders. Pence is not only a witness in the January 6th case he is also a witness in Trump's Georgia RICO case. It will be up to prosecutors and judges to determine if Trump will be held accountable for this.