Hypocrite GOP House Leader Boehner wants wiretapping protection -- but only for himself

The Electronic Frontier Foundation's Tim Jones sez, "If you've been following the fight to hold phone companies accountable for illegal wiretapping, you probably thought the level of hypocrisy on display in the Republican leadership couldn't get any more blatant. Well, you thought wrong. Politico reports today that Republican Leader John Boehner has been fighting hard for his own right to protection from illegal wiretapping, even though he's simultaneously trying to to deny ordinary Americans the same rights. Oh, and he's earned himself $1.1 million in the process."
When ordinary Americans were being wiretapped, Boehner's attacked them and their right to privacy, claiming "I believe (phone companies) deserve immunity" from the law. But when Boehner himself was being wiretapped, he had no hesitation to claim his own right to privacy, claiming "no one is above the law."

When ordinary Americans are victimized, Boehner's taken every opportunity to caricature their representatives at EFF and ACLU as "unscrupulous trial lawyers" who are "trying to find a way to get into the pockets of the American companies." But when Boehner himself is the victim, suddenly defense attorneys don't seem so unscrupulous to him, and he has no problem employing his own litigators to receive a $1.1 million reward.

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  1. 1. Help pass unscrupulous laws.
    2. Fight own laws.
    3. PROFIT!

    We finally know what step two is. Step two is ingenious profiteering hypocrisy.

  2. I hate that I have to post this in an unrelated comment section.

    Then don’t. Life is far too short and precious to spend it doing things that you hate. Those comment threads were closed since they were just asshole bait. Freedom of speech does not include coming to someone’s blog and criticizing them or ordering them around.

    Should I continue reading this blog, I had better not see any more links to censorship around the world.

    Ah, you’re threatening to go away if Cory doesn’t obey your demand. Your bluff has been officially called. Enjoy your life wherever it takes you.

  3. The day the rule of law does not apply equally to all citizens, especially leaders, is the day before a country is no longer a democracy.

    Hey that’s not completely bad! Can someone send that into Bartlett’s for me?

  4. Why does it make you suspicious? Clearly the removed comments were off-topic. If someone did post a remark critical of Cory’s book “Little Brother” in this thread, it would be the wrong place for it (same if it were a rave review of the book).

    Next you’ll be saying that removal of spam comments is censorship.

  5. Valacosa, I removed the comment. It was combative and wildly off-topic.

    Threads get renumbered all the time — for instance, every time we remove spam or duplicate messages. It’s a Movable Type thing.

  6. This makes me suspicious.

    Duly noted. Henceforth, you shall go by “Suspicious Valacosa.” It has a nice ring to it.

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  8. I take ONE nap and I miss the fireworks!
    But back this post, which is summed up by the words that hang over my desk:

    Really, the unchecked hubris and hypocrisy of our leaders no longer shocks me. But I’m all for throwing ALL the bums out.

  9. you probably thought the level of hypocrisy on display in the Republican leadership couldn’t get any more blatant

    Is anyone here that much of an optimist regarding the Republican leadership?

  10. I missed all the fun too, Taku-san, including rushing to defend your honor with metaphorical sword held high. This depresses me.

    At any rate- what are you guys all complaining about? He’s a leader, we elected him, he’s in a position of trust- if there’s anyone exempt from the laws it is those we can trust. Mr. Boehner sets the example and ensures our safety. It is terrible to question him or subject him to the same things the vulgar should undergo.

  11. @ThreefJeff
    It would take numerous ‘favors’ to people in authority to remove me from any sort of dissenter’s list.

    I was simply trying to rationalize the support of this / play devil’s advocate. Try as I might it comes as nothing but sarcasm.

  12. how is this different than George Bush pre-pardoning HIMSELF for any war crimes he may be found guilty of later? You caught that, didn’t you?

    (Thanks Tenn, though why on earth would you be depressed?)

  13. BBehemoth, I actually took the time to write you a personal letter. It appears to have had no effect whatsoever. You’re still clutching your favorite plushie wrong idea to your bosom.

    Do you have any plans to get smarter and acquire some dignity, or are you just going to continue this mega-flounce hissy-fit? Either’s fine — Antinous has a tutorial on the user interface scheduled for tomorrow, and if you keep this up it’ll give him something to practice on.

  14. Didn’t catch that Takuan, sources? (Not because I doubt you but because when I mention it in class I better have a more recognizable source than his Eminency the brined pickle.)

    Oh, and because one I enjoy riding to figurative combat for the sake of people / ideas, and two because I actually typed up the comment and then found out Avram had locked the thread. Waste of my valuable time!

  15. I must be in a Love Punishment mood today. I almost want to say something naughty so the Moderator can lash me. Honestly, if you have to get slapped down, doesn’t she do it well? Ouch! LOL. Makes me think of Mrs. Emma Peel. She was a serious influence on my young mind.

  16. @23..if by “she does it well” you mean “she does it inconsistently and heavy handedly”, I can see your point.

  17. she does it inconsistently

    You should be tickled pink to hear that there are four of us now, so I promise an immediate ramp-up of consistency.

  18. Mr. Carnell, is there a reason for the unnecessary animosity towards Miss Nielsen Hayden? Does it occur to you that random and unsolicited comments like that and other rudenesses on the board are why she’s necessary?

  19. “Suspicious Valacosa” does have a nice ring to it, and is somewhat apt.

    To Joe: any post I cannot see and judge for myself makes me suspicious. Am I supposed to trust your claim that it was “off-topic” and “combative”? Because I don’t. See “suspicious Valacosa”.

    Perhaps these comments need a more Slashdot-like moderation system.

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