Steve Cisler, digital librarian, RIP


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  1. Raines Cohen says:

    So sad. Steve was a great inspiration to me in the early days of BMUG and later at MacWEEK magazine and the Apple spinoff User Group Connection, through his Apple Library User Group work and the community-organizing work he did. Always friendly, helpful, calm, interested. Ahead of his time in pre-internet visions of a connective, collaborative, community-driven world.

    On my way over to the memorial blog to meet mutual friends and perhaps find ways to make sure the spirit of his great work continues…

  2. mikeliebhold says:

    thanks for posting this David, Just after the article was posted, I received this note from another of Steve’s many friends:

    In addition to the links you offer in your posting, a blog has beenestablished for people to post recollections, stories and expressions to the
    family of Steve Cisler.

    Please log on, post your remembrances, and let others know.

    Richard Lowenberg
    1st-Mile Institute

  3. tbfld says:

    I found a great video interview with Steve from the Incommunicado conference in 2005 and posted it here.

  4. David Pescovitz says:

    @MIKELIEBHOLD (#2), I updated the main post. Thanks.

    @TBFLD (#3), Thanks so much for posting that video.

  5. Gareth Branwyn says:

    Awww. Truly sad news. I remember Steve from the early days of The Well and his work at CPSR. Such a warm, sweet guy, always ready to help, to teach. A true pioneer of virtual community and networking, and of course, digital library science.

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