More severed feet in British Columbia

Earlier this year, I posted that the third severed foot in six months had turned up on a beach in British Columbia. A fourth was found last week. All of them have been right feet inside size 12 sneakers. From the Canadian Press:
Police say DNA testing is being done on the latest foot, and DNA profiles have been conducted on the others.

Curtis Ebbesmeyer, an oceanographer based in Seattle, Wash., said when a human body submerged in the ocean, the main parts like arms, legs, hands, feet and the head are usually what come off the body.

But he's still baffled by how the exact same part -- a right foot -- could wash up repeatedly.

"It's not unusual for body parts to wash up along the United States or Canada," he said. "There's so many accidents, like boating. That's not unusual. It is unusual to find four bodies over the course of the year and just right feet."
Link (via Fortean Times)

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  1. Takuan, do you have a distaste for right feet or something? There are starving beings in the Baltic! Finish your dinner!

  2. “All of them have been right feet inside size 12 sneakers”

    I believe only 2 of the feet were found with size 12 shoes, not all 4. This in no way mitigates the freakiness of this phenomenon. Just sayin’s all.

  3. I heard something once about how the arch of one’s foot can get caught in ocean tides and cause them to be pulled in the complete opposite direction of their mates, causing the feet of the same person to end up on completely different shores. I don’t know how true that is if it’s true at all, and it certainly doesn’t explain why they’re all the same size…

  4. Thanks for destroying my ever-grander speculations, Jazminecat. Really.

    I hope a fifth foot floats up just to spite you and those so called investigators.

  5. four right feet, four locations. No. The sea is stranger than you believe but humans are stranger still.

  6. Perhaps these are the by products of organ trade. Kidneys and Corneas get top dollar, and even Christy Brown needs left feet, but the right foot is not commercially viable and gets thrown over the rail.

    Alternatively, it’s the collective revenge of the soup-fin shark.

  7. I would expect a kinder euphemism from you Takuan

    “Intraspecies predator”? Obeying a macabre Right-Hand Rule?

  8. I wonder if they were all in Chuck Taylor Hightops…

    Sharks show mad-props for Chucks…

  9. I heard a little whisper that the latest showed signs of intentional force – trying to track it down

  10. I like Jazminecat’s perspective. Of course, you can’t rule out the possibility of a serial killer, but it seems more likely that these feet would be the remains of accident victims.

    This message brought to you by the Council of Covert Cannibals Local #592.

  11. might I also point out that there is substantial organized crime activity in that part of the world – another benefit of the Waronsomedrugs Industry.

  12. Maybe it’s just a washed up school of sole?

    @ Registrado:
    I’m still laughing at that ten minutes later. Awesome.

  13. #11: Exactly what I was thinking when the original two feet were discovered.

    Some sort of grisly advertising campaign for Dexter Season 2 (at the time), and now perhaps Season 3? :)

    It’s extra-funny because (minor Dexter spoils) in Season 2 he starts dumping the body parts into one of those gigantic ocean currents, unlike the prior season where he dumped them in a fixed location on the ocean floor.

  14. Perhaps only right feet being found in British Columbia is due to the Coriolis Effect. Maybe the left feet end up on a beach in Africa?

  15. So it’s four feet high and risin’? Come on, Johnny Cash needs you to find one more!

  16. Update: Further DNA analysis has revealed that the 4 right feet are not all from the same person.

  17. My first thought was the “Great Shoe Spill of 1990”. There was a shipment of Nikes that went overboard (the Hansa Carrier). The left shoes went to one beach and the right shoes went to another beach hundreds of miles away.

  18. 2 severed feet in tennis shoes were found in Lake Travis near Austin Texas in the last 3 months or so.

  19. Ask the TSA to identify the shoes. They make everyone take them off at the airport.

  20. The hard part about being a ninja is that you often have to assassinate pirates at sea. Often ninjas are caught on board. Typically, the right foot is hacked off and the fail-ninja is made to “hop” the plank.

  21. I dont know if someone’s already said this, way too close to the end of the week to read all those comments.

    I live on one of the Island’s where the foot was found, and have a theory: People dumping bodies into the ocean and attaching bricks to hold them down – eventually the rope (I would imagine) will cut through the foot and set it free? Maybe?

    Who knows. Just another theory.

  22. “Today’s UK surf report:

    It’s one foot out, and it stinks.”

    Brilliant. (Except now it’s five feet! w00t!)

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