Cosby sweaters for auction


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  1. EH says:

    #4 is good but I think #2 wins.

  2. Antinous says:

    People in Palm Springs still wear those things, only in golf colors.


    I never saw that show. I hope these sweaters were the worst part of the wardrobe.
    FYI, this charity is a very worthy cause.

  4. A New Challenger says:

    Pokeyman? With the pokey and the man and the ah! ah! ah! Kids don’t understand the jazz!

    Sorry, the Internet has ruined me.

  5. Keneke says:

    Maybe not the original, but I’d buy a replica.

  6. Jardine says:

    Does anyone else think that Cosby would make an excellent choice for VP? Either Obama’s or McCain’s. Sure people would think the candidate that picked him had gone nuts, but it would mean more comedians doing impersonations of him and that’s always welcome.

  7. MITTZNZ says:

    I think someone’s overstating the importance of Bill Cosby at those starting bids.


    Cosby would make an excellent choice for VP?

    I like him too, but back in the ’60s he recorded several comedy albums that were for adults only. He was no Eddie Murphy, but those clips would be really embarrassing today in a political campaign.

  9. NicoleRichieVicodinRave says:

    That better be a pudding stain!

  10. ZehnKatzen says:

    I’ll get right on that, y’see, right after I talk it over with my wife Cam-EEEEE-le!

  11. Slowermo says:

    [Said in Jack Black voice]: It’s a Cosby sweater. A Cooooosby swatah!

  12. BuildUupBuzzKill says:

    for one if i had 5 grand to toss around i would sooo buy a cosby sweater that was on the show!! (for charity of course) and for two its not about the importance of BIll Cosby its for charity, and it was on TV!!i mean TV man!! the amazing giver of backround noise, occasional plinko game and Cosby rerun… KODAK FILM!

  13. nigelfootpowder says:

    Do you think Bill Cosby ever realized that he was shopping at figure skating costume supplier? I recognize the above sweater from the national tour of “M. C. Escher- ON ICE!”

  14. BuildUupBuzzKill says:

    If something that someone under the age of 25 did makes you want to bludgeon your self to death…by say wear a cosbey sweater (as i do) please comence the self inflicked fatal beating

  15. mellowknees says:

    For $5000, do I also get a case of Jello Pudding with purchase?

  16. MrsBug says:

    @#4 Love it.

    I a Cosby fan and all, but I always thought these sweaters were butt-ugly. BUTT-ugly.

  17. Boba Fett Diop says:

    If cosby sweaters ever really come back into style, I will bludgeon myself to death.

    Really people (and by this I mean mostly hipsters under 25), the 80s weren’t that awesome.

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