Laser-cut typographic scarves

These ultrasuede scarves from MicroFactory are laser-cut with either upper-case, lower-case, or numeric characters in a close pattern. Link (via Make!)


  1. Oh please, that is obviously a keffiyah — why do you continue to promote “jihad chic”?!

  2. #1, LOL. I usually never look at the fashion/clothing articles here, just not interested. But this is way cool.

  3. Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday dear-person-whom-just-bought-self-cool-scaaaaaarf, happy birthday to me!

  4. Anonymous,

    You really should have registered for an account, because that comment deserves an award for evil brilliance.

  5. As beautiful as this is, it is practically use once, throw away. It will age quickly, and not well. But if you had a laser cutter you could make more!

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