Prints made with steamroller


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  1. Takuan says:

    remember that Malcolm in the Middle episode where the dad keeps sneaking away with a variety of strange objects?

  2. Anonymous says:

    mmm … techincally … thats not a steamroller, if anything, it appears to be diesel powered.

  3. eiderfarmer says:

    I took a college class many years ago from Mick Sheldon, who would print woodcuts with the front wheel of his old van.

  4. demidan says:

    oooooooh, Cool prints, and fun for the big child in you!

  5. Aloisius says:

    The Center for the Book in San Francisco did the same thing a while back. The prints had a really nice transfer.

  6. Aloisius says:

    Actually it looks like the Center of the Book does it once a year: and you can see the prints they auctioned off last year at

    They are quite neat.

  7. djlicata says:

    The Department of Visual Studies at the University at Buffalo did this in April. Flickr photostream here

  8. Fritz Bogott says:

    Some folks here made dynamite ones for Dia de los Muertos a couple of years ago.

  9. Lilith999 says:

    The college I go to, University of Montana, has been doing this kind of thing for years.

    It’s all part of this Day of the Dead thing that Missoula does every fall.

  10. powermatic says:

    Sadly, not a true ‘steamroller’, which would have been awesome beyond compare, adding whole layers to the artistic construct. Still and all, cool.

  11. mdpaustin says:

    The printmaking department at the University of Texas at Austin does this once a year as well. Check out pictures from this year:

  12. chumprock says:

    I suggested something like this for a project in my commercial art class in high school many years ago and got yelled at for not taking the project seriously.

  13. noen says:

    Very cool!

  14. Bookyloo says:

    So basically if you want to open a book-arts center or art printing shop you have to factor in the price of annual steamroller rental.

    I wonder how that meme got started? Who did the FIRST “print by steamroller” annual street party?

  15. Pablo Defendini says:

    Printmaking instructor Dennis McNett organizes a steamroller print day at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn every year, as well. It’s a whole bunch of fun! Here are some words and pictures from last year’s event.

  16. Anonymous says:

    i’ve seen them do this in san antonio, tx quite a few times. it’s so much fun to watch!

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