Prints made with steamroller

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Raphael Uhrweiller and Mayumi Otero of France's Ecole supérieure des arts décoratifs (ESAD) made huge woodcut art prints with a 17 ton steamroller. Link (via Drawn!)


  1. The Center for the Book in San Francisco did the same thing a while back. The prints had a really nice transfer.

  2. Sadly, not a true ‘steamroller’, which would have been awesome beyond compare, adding whole layers to the artistic construct. Still and all, cool.

  3. I suggested something like this for a project in my commercial art class in high school many years ago and got yelled at for not taking the project seriously.

  4. Printmaking instructor Dennis McNett organizes a steamroller print day at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn every year, as well. It’s a whole bunch of fun! Here are some words and pictures from last year’s event.

  5. i’ve seen them do this in san antonio, tx quite a few times. it’s so much fun to watch!

  6. So basically if you want to open a book-arts center or art printing shop you have to factor in the price of annual steamroller rental.

    I wonder how that meme got started? Who did the FIRST “print by steamroller” annual street party?

  7. remember that Malcolm in the Middle episode where the dad keeps sneaking away with a variety of strange objects?

  8. mmm … techincally … thats not a steamroller, if anything, it appears to be diesel powered.

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