Leopard attacks crocodile


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  1. Suburbancowboy says:

    Come to Kruger National park to see different species fighting!

    I love that water buffalo vs. lions vs. crocs video.

    So many people pay small fortunes to go to a safari park. These lucky few really got their money’s worth.

  2. piminnowcheez says:

    I’d like to see this leopard take on Chuck Norris. Now THAT would be a fight.

    And, everybody should go watch that water buffalo movie, too. One of the most incredible things I’ve ever seen.

  3. haaz says:

    in my college geology class, our instructor accidentally showed us a part of a video of a squid fighting a shark. We all wanted to see the rest of it, but she moved on. The good news is that it’s on YouTube. Alas, I’ve become lazy in these days of instant access to kickass shark vs. squid videos and will not watch it unless someone loads it for me. Damn you, internets!

  4. Robert says:

    I haz a killer instink, too. Let me show you it.

  5. mdhatter says:

    Crocodile tastes like ostrich.

  6. slywy says:

    Top predators don’t usually go after tough prey like another top predator (especially one almost equal in size) because of the risks unless they are very, very hungry. Sounds like it’s not common.

  7. buddy66 says:

    Babies. They go for babies. Babies are a delicacy.

  8. TEKNA2007 says:

    I’m wondering if all the land animals in Kruger National Park all got together and decided to pick on the crocodiles.

    Once the first croc shows weakness, it’s all over for the rest of them. It’s all been downhill since that damn baby buffalo. Just when they thought they could eat all the witnesses and put it behind them, the video shows up on teh internets!

  9. Takuan says:


    Is this leopard a genius? Is it learned behaviour? Will it teach its young to eat crocs?

  10. assumetehposition says:

    It has to be global warming.

    I mean climate change.

  11. buddy66 says:

    Predators will go for the babies every time.

    I learned that on the Waterhole Channel—”All Animals Eating Animals, all the time.”

  12. Takuan says:

    the Faculty Meeting channel?

  13. buddy66 says:

    I read somewhere, many years ago, that there was a Roman gladiator whose specialty was killing leopards; this was during a period when the wholesale slaughter of exotic African animals was a crowd favorite. And this human pig allegedly killed dozens, perhaps hundreds of them, during his tenure at the Coliseum. Does anyone know anything about this? I don’t want it to be true, but is it?

  14. nicheplayer says:

    Geez. All those great wildlife shots, and then you can’t even hold still long enough during dinner to get a decent low-light shot of your lady?

  15. buddy66 says:

    ”the Faculty Meeting channel?”

    That might be the one that defines the American audience’s limits. Maybe only HBO would have the guts to try it, but too many of their viewers see the real thing, so why try”

  16. halbrindley says:

    hey folks.
    I’m the guy who shot this. to answer a few questions: yes the leopard did win. I saw it carrying the limp croc off into the bushes about three minutes after this wrestling match. You can see the entire sequence here:
    and as far as I have learned it is extremely rare. I’ve only tracked down one other occasion that this behavior was witnessed. unfortunately for them it was very dark out.
    to watch the video and read the story etc visit http://www.halbrindley.com
    feel free to write with any questions or comments and sign up for my email list to get notified of the next story or video posted.
    thanks for checking it out.
    -Hal Brindley

  17. slywy says:

    Great shots. In a way it makes me sad, because I wonder if this is a sign that food is so scarce that a leopard would have to resort to this.

  18. Joel Johnson says:

    Well done, cheetah. Now for your yellow belt test: doing that in the water.

  19. Christovir says:

    Kruger National Park has had its share of awe-inspiring and unexpected clashes between animals, including this prolonged 3-way battle between buffalo, lions, and crocodiles. Don’t worry, its not a sad ending.

  20. flosofl says:

    #1: I don’t think this is a sign food is scarce. In the summary at the link:

    “Although this behavior has been witnessed before, this is the first time it was ever captured on film.”

    This makes me believe that this isn’t so rare an event. Additionally, leopards are opportunistic and *extremely* aggressive hunters* (they’d have to be seeing as how they compete with lions) and pretty much attack anything they think they can kill easily (and it really wasn’t that large a croc compared to the leopard). I think I remember hearing they’re responsible for more big cat deaths among humans than lions.

    * If I’m recalling my Discovery Channel correctly :)

  21. minTphresh says:

    i’m guessing that was one VERY hungry leopard.

  22. baz12345 says:

    That Leopard. Wow. It knew to flip the crocodile over and stop it breathing to eat before itself got injured – which takes learning. I just admire it immensely. Can we call it Binky? My cat (Binky was mainly white, named after Death’s horse in Terry Pratchetts Diskworld much to my kids delight and I never thought he would be a Grebo) put me in Hospital. He was a little Tom but I did something I’d told the kids not to do while we were washing the car, in a good mood. Turned him on his back cradled in my arm and tickled his tummy. I wouldn’t like to have been that Croc. He scratched my eye in a flash (and I drop kicked him) and no Boots Chemists would sell me an eye wash. I had to go to Hospital. But we’re all pals now. Crocs are just plain nasty…. Okay, big cats too.

  23. Takuan says:

    hmph! the Crocodile leads me to wisdom:
    I Keep six honest serving-men:
    (They taught me all I knew)
    Their names are What and Where and When
    And How and Why and Who.
    I send them over land and sea,
    I send them east and west;
    But after they have worked for me,
    I give them all a rest.

    I let them rest from nine till five.
    For I am busy then,
    As well as breakfast, lunch, and tea,
    For they are hungry men:
    But different folk have different views:
    I know a person small–
    She keeps ten million serving-men,
    Who get no rest at all!
    She sends ‘em abroad on her own affairs,
    From the second she opens her eyes–
    One million Hows, two million Wheres,
    And seven million Whys!

    ‘s as if the blighter anticipated Google!

  24. hwcampbell says:

    Mammals rule.

  25. HeyThereItsEric says:

    Somewhere out there is an animal that can scare this leopard.

  26. Talia says:

    To heck with TV programming. Nature provides the best drama there is. :) (love that three way battle. One of my favorite videos. Go buffalo go!).

  27. nehpetsE says:

    yeah…big deal
    If that leopard is so tuff, i’d like to see how many five year olds it can take on.

  28. Anonymous says:

    With that and the above referenced video, I’m wondering if all the land animals in Kruger National Park all got together and decided to pick on the crocodiles.

  29. soupisgoodfood says:

    That’s not a video, it’s a series of still photos with music.

  30. Squirrelmonkey says:

    So, who won? Maybe I missed it, but I can’t find if the leopard or the croc won, or if neither did.

  31. okiedokie says:

    I think I see a shark jumping in the background

  32. Talia says:

    From the link:

    “Here, for the first time ever, is the full sequence. All 34 photos of this astonishing event, a leopard attacking and killing a crocodile.”

    It seems the leopard was victorious. I recall reading about this the other night, I think it managed to pin the head down or something. Normally the croc would have the advantage or something.

    Here is a link with some details and commentary.

  33. ivan256 says:

    #9: Hundreds.

    (I know you were joking, but I couldn’t resist trying to paint the mental picture…)

  34. farmfoodie says:

    Holy shit. That is freakin’ AMAZING! Check out the other photos. The photographer calls it his best day ever. I’d call that the best five minutes of my entire life if I’d been there. Great shots. I probably would’ve just sat there gawping in astonishment.

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