Richie Jackson the psychedelic skateboarder

Richie Jackson is a skateboarder from Australia who is deep into psychedelic consciousness. Dose Nation features a video of Jackson shredding and the following snippet from an interview with Jackson. He sounds like my kind of guy:
I believe in psychedelicism. Not just psychedelic music, but everything. A psychedelic experience is characterized as the unveiling of perceptions previously unknown -- the brain unfettered from its usual constraints. To me, it's all there is, and certainly all that's worth doing. I find no worth in that which doesn't surprise. Anomalies, irregularities, deviation from the common rule -- that is all I will ever care for.
Richie Jackson: Psychedelic Skater (DoseNation)


  1. It seems surprising that he could have good balance and coordination while in a “psychedelic” state of mind.

  2. why must psychedelic so frequently = the hippy version of such?!? Rust is psychedelic, so is pollution, heck, pretty much all urban decay is. and the reverse is also true, urban overload is very psychedelic. dark city is one of the few films to reveal just how psychedelic urban architecture can be. (totally off the subject of this guy, who i am quite sure is pretty damned cool regardless ;)

  3. You are surprised perhaps only because you have not tried…such a state of mind really lends itself to some thrashing fun. Perhaps though, not for everyone…

  4. we used to shroomskate quite a bit back in the ’70’s. we were good, but this kid gots mad skillz!

  5. i love psychedelic drugs. but hate hippies. except for the ones in golden gate park, that sell me psychedelic drugs.

  6. that was lush.

    I would loe to see him in a skate park amongst all the store bought identikit plank riders, just wander in ask for a go on someones board and totally nail these moves.

    This has to be done.

  7. Have hippies changed so much, Captain? Or are you being self-mocking, pretending hypocrisy? Most of the ones I knew were pretty harmless; I can’t imagine any but the hateful hating them. Well, maybe landlords….

  8. mainly self mocking. that being said, the hippy scene is not my scene, but i don’t hate them.

  9. this guy is great, his style is one of a kind. he is known widely as a master of the nosebonk and its many variations. really.

  10. All that post-Mark Gonzales / Natas Kaupas street skating is so incredibly difficult, but alas, so much less beautiful to watch than the skating (street and ramp) that preceded it. How many times can you watch a handrail boardslide before they all look the same. And each and every helmet-less one represents someone putting their entire cognitive function on the line for a 3-second rush. Brain damage: the ultimate psychedelic state ;).

    As long as he’s having fun and not defacing any architectural landmarks or knocking over us earthbound types, more power too him. I’ll just be watching my old Duane Peters videos, thanks.

  11. #15 posted by CVR:

    All that post-Mark Gonzales / Natas Kaupas street skating is so incredibly difficult, but alas, so much less beautiful to watch than the skating (street and ramp) that preceded it. How many times can you watch a handrail boardslide before they all look the same.

    CVR. I actaully have an affinity for vert as well, but did you actaully watch the video? If you actaully watched Richie in that video and didn’t notice how creative this guy is.. then, I feel for ya…

    While I agree that some street can get a bit boring to watch after a while… (like anything else on this planet) … Richie’s fresh style and creativity in that video was far more entertaining (and beautiful) than your standard street tricks AND vert while we are at it.

  12. @ Cowcide,

    Yes, it is creative as well as difficult, you are right. I just don’t find it beautiful. I knew I’d get some flack for not appreciating it. At least you were gentle.

    Grumpily stuck in his ways,


  13. #18, I can misspell it 3 different ways; and I have.

    Patchouli oil was the hippies’ answer to tear gas.

  14. just a whiff of the stuff causes me to become aroused! ahhh, scent memory! it was the hairy legs and pits that i had a lil trouble with. but, when in rome…

  15. He must have some pretty brutal bails with all those poles and bars that he just misses on his succesfull attempts.

  16. hahah meh!spent my birthday yesterday at my mate stevie,s half pipe/sewage pit with bands family and friends,lots of shrooms and brews and people playing Bigblacksabbathflag,n lots of psych punk nonsense!just came in checked this out and LOL!!ROLF!!YeeeFUkkin Ha!

    P.S iam 43 and feeling very sore

  17. CVR, watch new videos. Seriously, skateboarding is beyond just flip-in flip-out these days. Lakai’s Fully Flared is incredible and would probably give you a new favorite skater. It also has a Guy Mariano part, who you probably remember. Bag of Suck is good too.

    Theres a reason Richie Jackson looks unique. Its because of modern skaters who forced skateboarding to evolve from just doing a million bonelesses that Richie Jackson can do bonelesses and look fresh.

  18. This guy is the Rodney Mullen of a new generation. Completely original and a master of his own style. Kids who try to mimic him will just look silly.

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