Science! tees for the scientist in you

WearScience's SCIENCE! tees illustrate many of the useful and salutary applications for science. Link (via Negatendo)


  1. I love those T’s especially the genetically bringing back Dinosaurs for the bbq! Science has to be at least PRACTICAL!

  2. They are awfully good, right up there with the xkcd science tees.
    Every one of those labmonkeys looks blinded by science. Or related to Little Orphan Annie.

  3. This reminds me of some lines from the great Englishman Thomas Dolby: It’s poetry in motion, and when she turned her eyes to me, as deep as any ocean, as sweet as any harmony…

  4. This is the same company that makes the “teach the controversy” satire T-shirts. If you haven’t seen them, check them out – now even your clothing can mock IDers.

    I have the “table of elements” shirt and a satchel printed with the scientist/dinosaur logo; they’re both good quality and arrived pretty fast, although I got slammed on customs and postal charges getting them delivered to the UK. Customs charged me VAT on the package (reasonable I suppose), and the royal mail charged me another £8 to deliver the parcel (less than 1kg!) from the port to my house. An incredible rip-off, but it’s not that website’s fault.

  5. Well, jeez, thanks for the link to that boingboing, now I’m gonna be spending all of my money on stupid t-shirts.

  6. Is the one in the lower right a reference to Asimov’s “A Statue for Father”?

  7. I love science. I’m not a scientist, but my mom’s an industrial chemist. My default self-representation says “for science” on it. I used to win arguments with my boyfriend by saying, “As a woman of science…” + something nonsensical.

    (Okay, maybe not win arguments, but certainly make them more entertaining.)

    But the only ladies in these science shirts are aliens with three boobs or being replicated in bikinis for manscientists’ pleasure. I don’t deny that part of science is being smart enough to earn – or build – a hot sexual partner. I am still disappointed that no one visualized lady scientists building vibrating male robots to replace all the manscientists who were too busy building obedient lady slaves.

    The shirts are cute, but I just can’t get into any of them, now that I noticed that.


  8. Fynngrrl, I agree — I cropped the designs where I did because the whole picture was unfortunately “laddish.” As the father of an infant daughter whom I hope will grow up with a strong interest in science, I would have really liked some depictions of women in labcoats, not just bikinis.

  9. I feel exactly the same way, Flynngrrl. I’m a graduate student in neuroscience (and a lady) and I do wish that fun t-shirts like these could sometimes show people like me in them.

    XKCD, on the other hand, does a GREAT job of using some stick figure men and some stick figure women whenever he’s representing scientists, engineers, math nerds, etc. Kudos to XKCD for that — people notice.

  10. Howdy, Jeremy here from Science!

    I think that having female scientists is a totally valid suggestion, and one I’m planning to remedy soon.

    My intent was not to exclude women per se, but the original concept for that line was to take the stereotypes about scientists and embrace/explode them.

    So the scientists in my shirts are all these bald, glasses wearing, socially awkward, men with interchangeable personalities that have no concept of whether they ‘ought’ to do something when trying to figure out if they ‘could’ do something.

    I picked this theme exactly because that is the prevailing (and obviously incorrect) perception a lot of people have of people in the science/tech/geek world. I had avoided using female scientists because a female scientist by her very nature defies the stereotypes I was trying to poke fun at and reclaim in some way.

    That being said, I’ve learned you just can’t fall in love with your original idea so deeply that in the end your product loses something because of it. And you certainly aren’t the first to raise the issue, so yeah, I assure you there will be females included in my forthcoming Science! shirts (I’m sure a ‘hunk factory’ analogue to the ‘babe factory’ among others will be included in my next batch =)

    Thanks much,

  11. I just sent you an email saying as much, Jeremy, but thanks for this response and for not getting huffy about the criticism. It is appreciated.

  12. How about some kids’ sizes, too?

    Got ’em, all you gotta do is use the custom designer (via the ‘create your own’ tab) from there you have access to dozens of other clothing articles, including kids stuff.

  13. I used their custom designer thinghy to buy a black hemp t-shirt with that robot guitar design, and I have to say, it’s just about the best-fitting, most comfortable shirt I’ve ever purchased sight-unseen.

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