XKCD role-players reenact "I Love the World" strip

These XCKD live-action role-players have reenacted the recent strip in which Randall paid tribute to the Discovery Channel's "I Love the World" commercial. It's just one of several on YouTube (and I confess that I recently donned cape and goggles and recorded a video of myself singing "I love the blogosphere" for a friend who's making her own version). I'm meeting Randall "XKCD" Munroe for the first time this summer and I'm really looking forward to it! Also: don't miss the WoW orc-dance! Link (via Making Light)


  1. Original Discovery Channel vid here:

    for people like myself who neither live in the states or have cable (and up until today never heard the song – it sounds kind of dumb when you don’t know how the tune goes).

  2. oh all right: “I love the Boing Boing, boom de yada boom de yada, I love all you guys, boom de yada”

  3. Now it’s time to say good night
    Good night Sleep tight
    Now the sun turns out his light
    Good night Sleep tight
    Dream sweet dreams for me
    Dream sweet dreams for you.

    Close your eyes and I’ll close mine
    Good night Sleep tight
    Now the moon begins to shine
    Good night Sleep tight
    Dream sweet dreams for me
    Dream sweet dreams for you.

    Close your eyes and I’ll close mine
    Good night Sleep tight
    Now the sun turns out his light
    Good night Sleep tight
    Dream sweet dreams for me
    Dream sweet dreams for you.

    Good night Good night Everybody
    Everybody everywhere
    Good night.

  4. Wow, what total awesomeness! That made my night :)
    I don’t have cable so I didn’t get the context when the strip first came out, but watching the original and then this makes it even more endearing.
    Also, I think it’s excellent that Cory and Randall will finally meet; it’s great when cool people get to meet other cool people.
    Finally, there’s a Beatles serenade from Takuan as I head to sleep. Nice.

  5. That’s awesome beyond all measures. I hate to be “that guy”, but I’m fairly sure that the dance in the video (and comic) isn’t the “WoW orc-dance” (though they might well have taken it from M.C. Hammer), but the one referenced here:

  6. #11: Lol, it all comes down to MC Hammer. All the WoW dances are based off famous real life dances.

    There’s a wonderful mashup of WoW characters dancing alongside the real thing.

    (Lol – I missed it the first time, but the male elf seems to be based off of Napoleon Dynamite …)

  7. Ever notice how all of the stalkerish, creepy “romance” strips in XKCD all feature the same stick figure lady named Megan? Look, even when he doesn’t mention her name, it’s the same distinctly unique female character.

    #420 and #449 are particular creepy.

  8. #12 — thanks for posting the WoW vid. i always wondered where some of the dances came from. i’ll forever look at the ogre dancing differently now that i know it’s an homage to chris farley. but one thing i don’t get — any idea why there’s no love for the gnome dance? theirs is the best one!

    back on topic: i love this meme more than i can say. the original commercial makes me cry with joy and hope. the fact that people are reproducing it with their own spin both emphasizes and proves the whole point of the original. “i love the whole world” indeed!

  9. I’m a big fan of the Discovery Channel, the Discovery Channel commercial, and xkcd… That said, I really wish that having gone through the effort of making costumes and acting out each scene, the participants of that video had also taken the time to strengthen the musical background (and maybe sing with more confidence), as the melody is what really sells the whole thing.

  10. I think that’s an old Girl Scout song (my mom was a troop leader). I don’t have discovery channel so I’d never heard the commercial, but I had read the xkcd strip when it was posted. Then a week or so ago when I was taking my kids somewhere they were listening to one of their cassettes with various “standards” on it. I wasn’t really paying attention to the music but then I got that funny “wait, what?” sort of feeling in my brain and realized what the song was. heh

  11. @ #17:

    I remember learning a version of that song in elementary school:

    I love the mountains
    I love the rolling hills
    I love the flowers
    I love the daffodils

    I love the fireside
    When all the lights are low

    Boom de yada
    yadda yadda


  12. @#18

    That’s the one. It’s sung as a round. I’ll have to wait until I get home to watch the xkcd-influenced videos, but if none of them sing the comic as a round, someone needs to.

  13. @#16 that would be a man by the name of Dave Smith.
    Im glad that you guys are enjoying this video, we all had a lot of fun making it. A lot of thanks goes to Kim for all the work she put in setting up the scenes and Tim for doing all the video editing/sound stuff.

  14. I love the whole world and all its messed up folks!

    This will now be my daily mantra. XCKD is awesome, and you guys are awesome. Thanks for the pick me up, between this and the aggressive tortoise video I’ve been able to forget that this was otherwise kindof a wretched day.

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