New York Yankees ban sunblock "to fight terrorism" -- sell replacements at $5/oz


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  1. Takuan says:

    Steal a dollar, steal a million dollars. Theft. Or are you saying it’s OK for the Yankees to steal from the American public because they have some special status? Or is WarofTerror Industry theft exempt somehow?

  2. the0ther says:

    who cares really? it’s obvious that given the ticket prices to yankees games (you know their new stadium has seats at $2500/game?) the “people” who go to the games can easily afford the $5 to preserve their million dollar hides.

  3. bwcbwc says:

    Not to mention the fact that they’re dismantling the stadium at the end of the year and the Yankees are moving to a brand spankin’-new stadium. So any terrorist attack would just be a slightly premature demolition.

  4. bex says:

    this sort of thing mean the terrorists have won

  5. MarkM says:

    This is AMAZING.

    There are using the TSA 3-ounce rule that is for
    AIRLINE security in a frigging BASEBALL STADIUM?

    Its either massive stupidity or massive cupidity
    (ie, they wanna make $$$ on the selling lotion).

    Maybe both.

    I swear if i hadnt read this in a reputable news
    source i wouldve thought it was a parody.

    If DHS was in charge of chewing gum, they’d halt
    everyone trying to walk. (“It’s not in our action
    plan, sorry.”)

  6. Takuan says:

    there are people rotting in Gitmo on far more tenuous evidence.

  7. Pmel says:

    Somehow, in my perturbed mind, I find this article amusing enough that I laughed. Those sly crooks really got them didn’t they…

    Paranoia is clouding the States. Soon the whole people will be consumed by it to complete destruction. I’d hate to see that day. May it never come.

  8. Takuan says:

    they gonna call it War Profiteer Stadium?

  9. Takuan says:

    to incur mass casualties at a stadium event, all that is required is a few agents creating panic at strategic points. The mass rush to the exit will kill many. Therefore, all persons attending sporting events will now be required to be gagged and handcuffed to their seats for the duration of the game. The TSA will be expanded to provide personnel required to escort prisizens to and from the seats.

  10. Takuan says:

    (I have a Chinese supplier for the gag concession, anyone here own a handcuff factory in Mexico?)

  11. Cpt. Tim says:

    Takuan: so you’re saying they’d just need regular butt plugs. those would freak the hell out of some of your average sports fans.

  12. ill lich says:

    Dammit– this is how I sneak booze into the park, pour it into an old sunblock bottle. Now what am I gonna do, stay sober?

    And you’re never gonna get Bostonians to boycott Yankees games at Fenway, especially these days.

  13. IWood says:

    This kind of thing–exposed, resolved, done with–is noise. The refusal to differentiate between noise and a signal causes that signal to be lost.

    The Yankees fans were inconvenienced en masse. They stood up. The organization backed down. Done. When the air-traveling masses are inconvenienced in similar proportion, they’ll stand up, too. Push hard enough against that for long enough, and it will push back. I find the repeated insinuation by many here on BB that the American public is just too stupid to see What’s Really Happening to be elitist at best. The public may be an ass, but it also excels at self-interest.

    Returning to your original metaphor: I am suggesting that no one is going to listen to a canary that keels over dead every time someone farts.

  14. Xopher says:

    IWood 89: conspiracy–which…was ended one day after it was reported on

    Yeah. They ended it after they were exposed. In general that doesn’t mean no crime was committed. Just sayin’.

  15. Takuan says:

    You’ve got to play pinball.
    So put in your earplugs,
    Put on your eyeshades,
    You know where to put the cork!

  16. Uhclem says:

    I Liked the way the Post’s piece ended: “MORE: Complete Yankees Coverage” What SPF are they covered with?

  17. Takuan says:

    @57, that “Beer Belly” seems impressive

  18. Chocolatey Shatner says:

    @#24: Hey! I resemble that remark!

  19. Avram says:

    Takuan #53: war profiteering. Which I thought was severely illegal in the USA

    It is? That’s news to me.

  20. mindysan33 says:

    Annoying- but glad they reversed, but looks like they had to or no one would come to a game…

    I’m not a huge sports fan, but from what I hear, aren’t things that you buy inside the stadium insanely over priced in general? And aren’t ticket prices generally pretty steep? Last game I went to was in the early 80s as a kid…


  21. Takuan says:

    And I find your insinuation that BB insinuates the American people are morons insulting.
    Return to the facts and refute them if you can:

    1. Yankees used the WarofTerror as an excuse to gouge.
    2. They did it for a day (crime committed)
    3. They got caught and lacking Halliburton’s high level corruption, had to confess and recant.
    4.War profiteering IS illegal and immoral.

    They are guilty and should face proper prosecution as an example. Maybe after a few little fish get fried, the big ones will follow.

  22. IWood says:

    #3 jaypee:

    When is it? When are people going to stand up to the TSA and the Fed and every other organization that does these things in their fight against “terror”?

    As has already been mentioned, the Yankees reversed this policy the day after it was reported by The Post.

    I think people will “stand up” when enough of them are personally inconvenienced or offended…as opposed to just reading anecdotal accounts on websites dedicated to collecting and highlighting incidents of security theater absurdity.

    Continued criticism and agitation against Federal and airline incompetence is valid and necessary. I also believe that there is a bit a distorting lens here. Millions of passengers fly every year and escape the TSA unscathed. 60,000 Yankee fans were all inconvenienced at the same time, and the policy changed immediately.

    The fact is, most people just don’t care. And they will continue not caring until they feel the real world impact, which is vastly different from the BoingBoing world impact.

  23. username says:

    yeah, yankee stadium is notorious for shit like this. it’s worse than any other ny area stadium i’ve been to (keyspan, shea, giants @ meadowlands, and the si yankees stadium have all been much more reasonable in my experience).

  24. loraksus says:

    #50 posted by Anonymous , July 24, 2008 10:04 AM
    terror = “a state of intense fear”
    when people are willing to go along with measures like this it can only be caused by living in a state of intense fear.

    No… It’s caused by stupid people.

    Given that this was NY, I’m shocked that there wasn’t physical violence against the “guards”
    /Then again, those predisposed to violent urges and roid rage probably don’t use much sun screen.

  25. Takuan says:

    juice boxes OK? Great! Now me and my jihadi buddies can use our super-secret false bottomed juice boxes to smuggle in gallons of TATP! Yiyiyiyiyiyiy!!

  26. Talia says:

    The hell? Screw you, you greedmongering scumbags. That’s just disgusting.

    I will never, ever attend a Yankees game nor support the team in any way.

  27. demidan says:

    Another reason to start a war the Yankees hate us and want us to die of melanoma!

  28. airship says:

    The fools! They got it backwards. Terrorists don’t need sunblock. They come from desert countries!

  29. jaypee says:

    You know, I keep reading and hearing about more and more insults to our dignity and freedoms and I ask myself, “when is the tipping point where people finally say, ENOUGH”?

    When is it? When are people going to stand up to the TSA and the Fed and every other organization that does these things in their fight against “terror”?

  30. Cpt. Tim says:

    “A baseball team deliberately engaged…”

    Well i doubt the team itself did much besides practice baseball, play baseball, and cruise bars for high class trim after the games.

  31. error404 says:

    At what point do you surrender all of your liberties for security?

    I think it happened a while back.

    Is this sort of diminution of the quality of your lives really worth any entirely imaginary security benefits?

    Any future atrocity will not be averted by taking away a bottle of sun screen.

    The 911 terrorists flew commercial jet liners into the WTC, they didn’t prick about with the factor 40.

    In the UK we had a 40 year campaign of bombings and assasinations, and aside from the disappearnace of rubbish bins in LOndon’s streets it had very little effect.

    It all depends how much you are willing to relinquish for the nebulous impression that something is being done.

    The TSA are not going to stop Al Qaeda, nor Homeland Defense, so The NY Yankees are certainly not in the running.

    Thiough I do admire how the 2000 dead are ruthlessly used as a means to gouge your fellow citizens.

  32. rcleme says:

    That’s Fox news wet dream…I’d love to see how they covered this one. Go melanoma!!!

  33. Anonymous says:

    seriously though, it’s going to hit us in 5 years when we are all saying, I remember when I used to be able to drink a bottle of water in the park. I hate to see where things are going. Thanks boing boing for always posting stories like this and for keeping the internet our last hope for sanity and freedom. I’m moving to Greece.

  34. Falcon_Seven says:

    As my German Grandfather used to say; “Es ist dieses Stück Scheiße, Steinbrenner.” Grandfather was a Brooklyn Dodgers fan as a boy and a Mets fan in his later years. Yet, he’s still so totally right after all these years.

  35. chromal says:

    Don’t you feel safer, now?

    Seriously, it angers me whenever I see something done ‘in the name of security,’ when there’s no justifying precedent. How many terrorists have struck Yankee stadium with suntan-lotion bombs? Or just bombs, for that matter?

    Reminds me of a local story out near Denver, where the Denver water authority decided to close a road across a reservoir a few weeks ago. They’re now being sued by the county, whose emergency responders must now call a guard, wait for them to come to the newly-erected gate, weave their emergency response vehicle through concrete barriers, wait for the guard to go to the other side of the dam and unlock the other newly-erected gate, and then weave through more concrete barriers. It’s apparently added quite a few minutes to their emergency response time. Feel safer yet?

  36. Joel Johnson says:

    Capitalism fixes this: simply start your own national baseball league.

  37. Takuan says:

    @63 BB is the canary in the coal mine

  38. Talia says:

    Actually, apparently this policy has already been reversed after people showed their extreme displeasure.

  39. Anonymous says:

    this reminds me of the security guards at madison square garden who made my 4 year old son throw away his water bottle at a “family friendly” ny liberty game.
    yes, once inside they were more than happy to sell us a new bottle of water for $4.25.

  40. Teapunk says:

    As an European, it’s intensely interesting for me to watch how much more rediculousness will follow. What’s next? And will the next election really change anything? And since I’m at it, why was Obama in Berlin talking about why we (Americans and Europeans) should take more action in the “War on Terror”?
    Maybe I’m just German and because of that a professional pessimist, but I don’t thinks Obama will change anything. The “War on Terror” is much to profitable for everyone involved, except Afghanistan and Iraq.

  41. Anonymous says:

    This is so easy to fix: just stop attending, and email them that you’re doing so. They’ll drop the rule in a New York minute if it hurts their bottom line.

  42. MrWeeble says:

    That’s disgusting! The NHS in the UK recommend that for children you should not use less than SPF 30, so to only give an option of SPF 15, no matter how expensive is, is totally unacceptable as they are exposing people to a real proven danger (skin cancer) in the name of removing an unproven imaginary danger.

    If I were a terrorist I would be laughing so hard at the assistance that we were being given in harming the lives of Westerners by their own rulers.

  43. Anonymous says:

    Easy solution: Wear a burka.

  44. IWood says:

    1. Unproven. The whole “hostile liquids and gels” thing reflects poor thinking from the TSA on down, and you have absolutely no evidence whatsoever that this was anything other than a boneheaded move by Yankee Stadium security.

    They sold sunscreen before the ban. They still sell it. Conspiracy to use the threat of terrorism to gouge patrons does not follow from the fact that they aped the TSA’s idiocy.

    2 and 3 are thus unproven. 4 is true but certainly doesn’t follow from 1 through 3.

    Finally: a determination of guilt is the result of prosecution, not the cause of it. That’s not how justice works.

  45. Ben K says:

    By the time this blog post was published today, the Yanks had already reversed the sunscreen ban. In fact, they did so three days ago when the news first broke.

  46. Psymiley says:

    Quote #7 link:

    “and will now allow stadium visitors to bring their sunblock in any size container they want.”

    Any size? Hmm…

  47. clueless in brooklyn says:

    I guess I should stop keeping my C4 in my sunscreen bottle out in plain sight.

    I’m going to go back to keeping it under my clothes, where I could easily sneak it into any plane, train or stadium in the U.S.

  48. clduckett says:

    Tired of this paranoid 1984 Big Brother crap? Register to vote and do so this November! Let’s bring reason and a modicum of intelligence back to government. “War on Terrorism” my ass.

  49. eap says:

    Sunscreen and water should fall under the umbrella of universal human rights.

    No government, organization, or commercial entity should be able to take them away under any circumstances.

  50. IWood says:


    No, man, Sunscreengate was hatched by the pitching staff and some of the outfielders.

  51. Takuan says:

    So! Ya think the War-Profiteers are gonna take the pennant?

  52. Viadd says:

    But when someone crashes a baseball stadium into a skyscraper, you’ll all ask why the Yankees didn’t protect us.

  53. Munkcy says:

    Obviously terrorists are allergic to skin cancer. All patriotic Americans must now get skin cancer or face being considered a terrorist.

    Bonus points if you can get your tumor to be colored red, white and blue.

  54. Takuan says:

    “The team contends that sunscreen has long been on the list of stadium contraband, but there is no mention of it on the Yankee Web site.

    Four weeks ago, Stadium officials decided that sunscreen of all sizes and varieties would not be permitted, a security supervisor told The Post before last night’s game.

    “There have been a lot of complaints,” he said. “We tell them to apply once and then throw it out.”

    For fans who bring babies or young children to cheer on the home team, the guard had suggested they “beg” to take the sunblock in.

    Seeing the giant bag full of confiscated sunscreen Saturday, one steaming Yankee fan asked whether he could take one of the tubes and apply it before heading into the park.

    “Absolutely not,” the guard told him. “What if you get a rash? You might sue the Yankees.”

  55. davidrice says:

    Sounds like it’s just a matter of time before the TSA requires us to step into a changing rooms, shed our hypothetical “exploding thread” civilian clothes, and put on government-issue jumpsuits before boarding a flight.

  56. phillamb168 says:

    Just one more reason to hate the Yankees.

    Go Cubs!

  57. Xopher says:

    Fuck* the Yankees. Fuck the DHS. Fuck the Bush Administration, the Republican Party, and all the people, visible and not, who’ve brought us to this place.

    You bet I’m going to vote this fall. I’m not sure the best possible outcome of that will change things enough.

    I’d look for a free country to move to, but it seems the world is fresh out. Move to UK and live among the telescreens? I don’t think so. Canada’s looking pretty good right now, but possibly I’m naïve about Our Northern Neighbor.

    Yeah, the Yankees rolled back their fearmongering greed campaign. But they did it in the first place. Fuck them, fuck their owners, and their fans…well, the fans can be reeducated.

    MrWeeble 8: While I agree that SPF 15 is certainly not sufficient, sunscreen is best at protecting from sunburn; last I heard the evidence suggested that it actually isn’t much help against skin cancer. That’s part of why I stay out of the sun as much as possible.

    *Used throughout to mean “I hope they go down hard and stay down,” and in no pleasanter sense.

  58. Mindpowered says:


    “In the end, more than freedom, they wanted security. They wanted a comfortable life, and they lost it all — security, comfort, and freedom. When the Athenians finally wanted not to give to society but for society to give to them, when the freedom they wished for most was freedom from responsibility then Athens ceased to be free and was never free again.”

    Gibbon, the decline and fall of the Roman Empire.

    It really should be mandatory reading.

    • Antinous says:

      Gibbon, the decline and fall of the Roman Empire. It really should be mandatory reading.

      It should also be mandatory reading because he’s got an hysterically funny, dry wit. It’s a great book.

  59. Moon says:

    Wouldn’t it have been possible to put the sunblock on before you went in and then returned the tube to your car?

    How many times do you put sunblock on for a 3 hour game?

    Don’t get me wrong, I agree that the Yankees are just being dicks here.

  60. seyo says:

    They’ve actually stopped doing this, BoingBoing is late to the party. All you haters can STFU now.


  61. Jack says:

    Maybe they should wear green t-shirts and say they are doing it to save the planet?

    Between small bottles of junk being confiscated because of “security” and little green leaf logos being placed on everything to make you feel like you saved the environment, I’m pretty disgusted at the basic intelligence of most folks nowadays.


  62. Takuan says:

    So you’re saying they were too stupid to have committed the crime? We GOTTA get this in front of a judge!

  63. Xopher says:

    Oh, and fuck the War on Terra too. Innocent people kept in Guantanamo for years, while Eric fucking Rudolph is still permitted to write hate mail to the surviving victims of his terrorist acts—some fucking War on Terror. Stupid lying cheating greedy fuckheads.

  64. Agent86 says:

    When will the Yankees finally quit playing Kate Smith’s “God Bless America”? It’s been seven years since 9/11. Do we need to drag every game to a grinding halt for this scratchy old record?

    Let’s keep all the flag waving, “silent prayers” and close-ups of NYPD officers at the beginning of the game.

    Maybe the YES Network would consider airing fans singing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” instead of cutting away to commercials for Flomax, Viagara or hard liquor.


  65. Talia says:

    Seyo, just because they reversed the decision doesnt make them any less greedy scumbags since they came up with the scheme originally. :p They’re still slimeballs. Just more circumspect slimeballs.

  66. Xopher says:

    Seyo 16: ESAD. BMA. GFY.

  67. jimbuck says:

    I wonder if anyone said “I’ve got power!” when taking away some ginger’s SPF 90.

  68. Xopher says:

    Go Talia! Yeah, they got CAUGHT (and roasted in the court of public opinion). While this is a Good Thing, it hardly restores them to purity.

  69. Xopher says:

    Yes, Ben K, that’s been noted. They were exposed and reversed the policy. We’re talking about why they did it in the first place, and how they should be punished by the public.

    I think the answer is a destructive boycott. But I think I’m pretty well alone in this extreme view.

  70. Cpt. Tim says:

    if i was a terrorist i’d laugh at this. sure i guess i could hide c4 in a sunscreen tube, but i could just as easily sneak C4 into the stadium in the form of a C4 buttplug.

    but would a terrorist use a C4 buttplug?

    I don’t know, i just wanted an excuse to say C4 buttplug.

  71. monkeybizniss says:

    When I attended the Yankees/Redsox game recently, an older gentleman in my group was denied entry because he was carryng a shoulder bag with a strap (a bag that some may consider a “manpurse”).

    We pointed out the woman next to us entered with a shoulder bag of the exact same proportions. The “security guard” replied that “Only women are allowed to enter with shoulder bags. Men can only bring in fanny packs.”

    Stunned by the idiocy of the situation, we moved away from the “security checkpoint”, and proceeded to place the handbag strap inside the bag, and hang the bag from my belt.

    We were allowed entry with the hacked “fanny pack”.

    Moral of the story is: Terrorists are never Women, and they don’t use fanny packs.

    Yankee stadium has a sexist and idiotic security policy.

  72. Xopher says:

    *suppresses jokes about buttplugs coming in sizes, explosive eroticism, the use of the title ‘Captain’ as a Dom label, and so on and on*

  73. jkpenny says:

    Equally unpublished inane Yankee Stadium rule that they have only recently begun enforcing: “No Large Bags”. As you walk in with your bag open for them to rifle through you are occasionally pulled out of line so that the size of your bag can be examined. A friend and I were told that our purses were “too large” and that we would have to “put them in our car or throw them away” (We took public transportation, natch) When asked what constitutes “Too large” no answer was given. It appears that the security screeners use the length of their arms from the elbow to the wrist b/c the woman checking the bag kept bumping up against me and leaning her arm against my bag. Completely inane and arbitrary to my mind, but the (unpublished) rules must be observed at all times!!!

  74. Xopher says:

    MonkeyBizniss, much as that is sexist and idiotic, I have some slight doubt that the rule cited by that moron is in the actual security policy. Clearly their enforcement is mind-bogglingly incompetent.

    That said…I consider it possible that they do have that rule written in. I’d like to see their security policy. Actually I’d like to PUBLISH their security policy.

  75. dvdmon says:

    While this is all a bit silly, the whole notion of sunblock to me is equally silly:

  76. Xopher says:

    I think the answer to all these is the same: STOP GOING TO YANKEE STADIUM.

    Everyone. For good.

  77. seyo says:


  78. nickpn says:

    For real?

    Against humanity. SPF 15 in the world of global warming. Cancer. Lawsuit.

  79. celia says:

    Not only is it a rip off (which is impressive, since sunscreen’s already expensive to start with), SPF 15 is what people who don’t really need to wear sunscreen wear. So anyone who actually burns is still out of luck. For example, I think I could be outside for about an hour with SPF15. (I was deliriously happy this year to see that there’s now SPF 85. In theory, I can now spend up to 7 hours in the sun without getting burned!)

  80. Ugly Canuck says:

    I love Americans they are the most opportunistic of biznessmen – they never miss any opportunity. Seriously, I am not being sarcastic….when you guys are great at something you are really great at it, nothing half-way about it….sadly, when you guys get it wrong, it can be equally “spectacular”.

  81. jjj says:

    them Boston hats & shirts look dangerous, too. new rule: confiscate them at the gate of tonight’s game

  82. Xopher says:

    DVDMon 28: Sunburn hurts. And whether sunblock prevents skin cancer or not, it DOES prevent sunburn, and slows skin aging. Being scalded with boiling water doesn’t cause cancer either; would it be silly to object to having boiling water poured on you, on those grounds?


  83. gabu says:

    Jerry: Well, I’m a classy guy. How’s the life saving business?
    Sara: It’s fine.
    Jerry: It must take a really really big zit, to kill a man!
    Sara: What is with you?
    Jerry: You call yourself a lifesaver. I call you pimple popper MD!
    [A man comes to the table.]
    Man: Dr. Sitarides?
    Sara: Mr. Parry, how are you?
    Man: I just wanted to thank you again for saving my life.
    Jerry: She saved your life?
    Man: I had skin cancer.
    Jerry: Skin cancer! Damn.

  84. Anonymous says:

    C’mon guys, how else are they going to support the team’s ridiculously outrageous salaries?

  85. Takuan says:

    I was secretly glad when Jerry went to jail

  86. blueandroid says:

    A lot more people die of skin cancer than from acts of terrorism involving bottles of liquid. They’d be protecting people more effectively by requiring the stuff.
    Meanwhile, smuggling large quantities of liquids into stadiums is so popular and trivial you can buy tools specifically designed for the job on the mass market.

  87. Bentcorner says:

    The Orioles do the same thing. We had our sun block taken away when going through the gate. The only difference is that we didn’t even have the option of buying any once we were inside Camden Yards. The sun was so bad, we ended up leaving in the 4th inning with sunburns.

    Go skin cancer! Yeah!

  88. Jackson says:

    So let me get this straight…for $5, you can NOT get sunburned. Yankee stadium is selling your lack of pain after causing it. Correct?

  89. TTa says:

    god, i hate baseball
    can they make it any worse? pay to watch a bunch of guys on steroids, and get cancer at the same time.
    i’d rather just get cancer.

  90. trr says:

    Why does all the frothing at the mouth continue AFTER Talia pointed out that they reversed this policy the very next day? And obviously they were using security as an excuse to make a lot of money selling tiny amounts of sunscreen for $5. WTF does the TSA or DHS or any other part of the government have to do with it?

  91. Antinous says:

    I have to ask. Can you still get your yeast infection cream through the checkpoint?

  92. Takuan says:

    they make the Yankee’s crime possible

  93. Xopher says:

    A very safe prediction, Viadd!

  94. jonathan_v says:


    That policy isn’t just sexist and idiotic, its discrimanatory.

    Your friend should get one of those ambulance chasers and file a lawsuit. ( and , i would suggest, donate all proceeds to charity ).

    Let’s face it – stuff like this never changes until there’s a ton of bad press or someone gets slapped with an expensive lawsuit or a fine.

    Making people throw out sunscreen, water, etc. in the name of ‘security’ or thinly veiled profit jacking is nothing short of abhorrent.

  95. Axx says:

    What hath fear wrought!?

  96. Maddy says:

    Xopher — that choice will soon be taken from you anyway (no matter what they call the new atrocity)

  97. Xopher says:

    Maddy: I’ve commented several times here. Do you mean I’ll have boiling water poured on me, or that I’ll be forced to go to Yankee Stadium?

    /me is confused.

  98. Takuan says:

    Can you still get your yeast infection cream through the checkpoint?

    no, but they will apply it for you

  99. Talia says:

    Both at once?

  100. Maddy says:

    sorry — @ 29.

    I mean that the choice of “stop going to Yankee Stadium” will be taken from you because they are demolishing the real Yankee Stadium.

  101. Xopher says:

    Maddy 44: Oh, yeah. But I would urge boycotting the Yankees wherever they play, home or away. At least for a season or two.

  102. Anonymous says:

    terror = “a state of intense fear”

    when people are willing to go along with measures like this it can only be caused by living in a state of intense fear. using that fear to gain profit is 100% corruption.

    want to fight terrorist? stop being afraid. the ones who will resist are the ones who stand to profit from your fear.

    the terrorist have won (terrorist being the ones who promote fear), and the profiteers have won more.

  103. IWood says:



    The underside of the bar is in the dirt, it seems.

  104. nathanrudy says:

    After the guy spread it all over they should have banned him from the park — it was probably a germ weapon!

  105. Takuan says:

    just exactly what anti-war profiteering laws ARE on the US books anyway?

  106. DiscipleN2k says:

    @Jackson Nope. For $5 you can get LESS sunburned. That SPF 15 crap isn’t going to help out much at all.

  107. Anonymous says:

    Here are the Yankees Security Policies. Looks like juice boxes ARE allowed… phew!

  108. Peter Swimm says:

    This is still not even in the top ten of things at yankee stadium to rob you of your dignity/sanity

    DER!! RICK!! JEETAH!!!

  109. Steiny says:

    “…since I am Irish and I have a bald head, I need my sunblock”

    Dude… hat?

  110. Maddy says:


    oh, you don’t have to urge me to boycott anything Yankee — I come from a sad&frustrated city who actually had “we hate the Yankee” hankee nights. As if the evil empire cared. Reminds of me those Christian shops that sell “You’re toast Devil!” t-shirts. And of course, in the ultimate irony, the man who brought the Yankees back to greatness hails from my part of the world and was throttled in his attempt to buy me team. Cue Charlie Brown theme music …

  111. IWood says:

    A baseball team deliberately engaged in a conspiracy to increase their sales of sunscreen.

    This is what you’re claiming?

  112. Takuan says:

    to bad the backed down, the Yankees would have made a dandy test case and show trial for war profiteering. Which I thought was severely illegal in the USA. Except for Halliburton and SAIC of course.

    Should have bought a truckload of three ounce plastic bottles and handed them out for free just outside the gates. I wonder how many people were injured slipping on spilled, tossed sun screen – hope they all sue. Ah,what the hell,it’s still better then their idea to throw free turkeys from a helicopter.

  113. SeamusAndrewMurphy says:

    Next up, some type of digital nose that a stadium dud walks around with in order to sniff farts. Then the Yankee Stadium anti-fart policy will be revealed and the poopist will be charged a heavy fee.

  114. SeamusAndrewMurphy says:

    Incidentally, I’m Irish and an alcoholic, hence I need my beer one hell of a lot cheaper than they sell it at the park.

  115. Takuan says:

    under the guise of WarofTerror Industry justification. War profiteering.

  116. SeamusAndrewMurphy says:

    Wait, I’ve just realized you don’t need a “digital’ nose for that.

  117. dvdmon says:

    Xopher, while what you say is true, I believe there are better alternatives to Skinblock, given it’s potential for harm, including clothing that is protective. Many cultures that occupy extremely hot and sunny climates cover themselves in protective clothing that shields them and thus avoid this issue. But our culture would rather slather on chemical concoctions to block the suns rays with questionable long-term effects…

  118. Lucifer says:

    There is a slight possibility of bringing down a pressurized airplane by igniting a flammable explosive accelerant at 30,000 feet in the air but there is no way to do any kind of real damage at a ballpark. Carrying over TSA policies into things like a baseball park is a complete sham.

    We already know how terrorists operate when they want to strike populated arenas like that. They do it in Israel. It involves suicide bombers wearing plastic explosive vests and clothing to cover up the bulky mass. By contrast, stopping some spaghetti-string tank top wearing chicks with their L’Oreal tubes is not gonna do squat.

  119. Manny says:

    I’m allergic to the sun and could only stay out for a whole game by topping off my sunscreen every hour or so. I wonder if I could bitch-slap them with “Reasonable Accomodation”?

  120. IWood says:

    And you are equating this conspiracy–which, as has been pointed out more than once was ended one day after it was reported on–with extortion and profiteering in Iraq? The “rampant fraud and abuse that squanders American taxpayers’ dollars and jeopardizes the safety of our troops abroad,” as Senator Leahy put it?

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