Swedish radio cops caught in warrantless surveillance scandal

Daniel sez, "A mass-surveillance law has almost been passed in the Swedish parliament (it has been passed but needs to be fully granted). We are seeing a huge opposition about this right now and hundreds of blogs and news paper articles are giving it heavy critiscism. The latest news is that the Radio Defense Agency (FRA) are trying to silence a blogger by reporting him to the Justice Chancellor and the police to get him arrested for exposing secret FRA-documents showing that innocent citizens are already being monitored by them (since 12 years ago). The Swedish opposition with the Pirate Party and major bloggers has returned fire by publishing the document on hundreds of blogs and further criticise the actions of FRA."
The document describes communications between a Russian company and a Swedish small business owners.

As the document includes several Russian fax numbers, the traffic from which was likely carried by telecommunications cables in the 1990s, Alexandersson concludes on his blog that "it is reasonable to assume that FRA received the information by monitoring cables".

But FRA's director rejects the claim that the document shows FRA was monitoring cable-bound communications in 1996.

Link (Thanks, Daniel!)


  1. …You know, I’ve been having a shitload of problems getting on Pirate Bay today. Lots of lag time between pages, and about 1/3 of the page calls are timing out rather quickly. I wonder if the Sweeds are trying to screw with their Internet enemies now?

  2. A transcript of someone else’s intercept?
    Hey Karl Rove’s been in Sweden (hiding out from Congressional Subpoenas?)…think he’s advising the current Swedish Gov?
    This cock-up has his style about it, IMO.

  3. For some bizarre reason, Rove was invited to Sweden by a “liberal” think tank that does have a major influence on the policies of the current government.

  4. For some bizarre reason we still call members of parties whose predecessors were truly liberal by the same name…

  5. I’m waiting to see the Liberal- Conservative party form in Canada. I think the phrase has already been used during an election.

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