Sculptures from sheets, towels, and pillows

Sheeeet1 Sheetttt2
Mahdis Keshavarz was just on a boat trip in the Middle East. Whenever she returned to her room, the cleaners made amazing sculptures from sheets, towels, and pillows. Click the images to see them larger. (Thanks, Rachel Maguire!)


  1. This is fairly standard for many cruise lines – though often they use extra towels / cloth napkins and don’t overly disrupt your actual linens. There are a number of books for designs and methods

  2. I need to fold a fake person in my sheets every night or I can’t sleep, you know sense of security… *tear falls down cheek*

  3. Yes, like Lizardman says, this is fairly standard. I was recently on a cruise, and they’d even use things from the room, like sunglasses, or a plush stuffed toy I had, in the little scenes.

  4. They made those amazing animals on the Royal Caribbean cruise I was on with my family last fall, I bet they’re not that unusal a feat for people working for gratuities.

  5. Agent 66, only if they are folded in such a way as to seduce me. I must admit it would take a lot of seducing or beer to make me hump a sheet.

  6. The last cruise I was on, not only did they make the towel animals in our room every night, but on the last day of the cruise they had a ‘Towel Animal Making Class,’ and sold Towel Animal Making books (how could I resist?), so now I’m just -waiting- for someone to come visit me so I can fold their towels in whimsical ways … everyone needs a good towel monkey …

  7. I thought the PC term was “southwest asia”?

    That’s what they taught us in “oh god please don’t sue us” public schools, anyhow.

    This entire comment was a joke.

  8. I worked at a resort hotel in Germany as a maid and I had to arrange peoples pajamas like little people. Lay out the shirt and the pants together and make a little waist. I thought it was totally creepy.

  9. I’ve had this done on the two cruises I’ve been on, and I can’t say I’m keen on the staff touching my personal stuff, like sunglasses. Some candies on the pillow is enough for me.

  10. Gonna take a guess here…

    King Faud’s Paddle Steamer, on the Nile.

    I had the exact same sculptures on my bed when I was on it a few months ago, and the beds look the same too.

    The person ‘sculpture’ scared the cr*p out of me when I got back to my room. I thought some one was in my bed waiting for me *wink*.

  11. T’other Half and I took a holiday in Sharm-el-Sheikh last giftmas. The hotel staff were always doing this – snakes, cats, etc. folded out of the towels. We kept tipping ’em, and they kept getting more creative. Very cool.

  12. You mean there has been this whole hidden towel-and-clothes-folding world all this time and I didn’t know? I feel like I’ve just discovered that woodwork exists. Or something. Now I know about it though, I agree with the ex-German hotel worker – all a bit scary.

  13. Someone find a link to Carnival Cruise’s towel “Seals” — Everyone I’ve met who has seen one thinks they look less like and animal and more like female anatomy.

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