Cat with four ears

Yoda is a Chicago cat with four ears. Valerie and Ted Rock found him in a local pub being "passed round by curious drinkers," hopefully not like that scene in Lynch's The Elephant Man. From the Daily Mail:
Yodakitttt Yoda's extra 'flaps' are separate to the base of his skull, with one placed slightly behind the other. 'The vet had never seen anything like it before,' explains Valerie. 'He immediately went to the internet and found the four-eared cat in Germany...

'We have spoken with other vets in our acquaintance, and they likewise had never encountered anything like this. Yet despite his unusual looks, Valerie is sure Yoda's behaviour - and hearing - are quite normal.

'Yoda's hearing is normal as far as we know,' says Valerie. 'People do a double take when they see him or his picture. It is great fun showing him off.
Cat with four ears (Daily Mail, thanks Shawn Connally!)


  1. @ 4, polydactyl cats are fantastic. My first cat ever was a big black cat with six toes on one front paw and seven on the other. His thumbs were very nearly opposable; he could certainly pick up pens and run off. He was a great cat.

    Love this kitty with four ears! More ears for scritching :)

  2. He’s cute, unlike many of the other mutant creatures that get posted here. I guess he looks okay to me because this doesn’t look like it impairs his functioning or quality of life. The cyclops kitten and the monkey-faced pig both filled me with pity and loathing.

    But this guy just looks like a happy healthy four-eared cat.

    I just hope he never gets ear mites. Those are enough of a bother for a cat with just two ears.

  3. I thought polydactyl cats were normal until I got to college. Our neighborhood was full of them- we called them Hemingway cats. Four-eared cats on the other hand…

  4. This is definitely photoshopped. I saw how to do this in a tutorial about cats, also you can tell from some of the whisxers.

  5. I like to go to flea markets and insist that things sitting on tables for sale are photoshopped. It’s just like being on the internet.

  6. You Fools!

    Don’t you know what this means?!? The Mother Ship and returned and The Master has made his appearance.

    Humanity is doomed. Soon his furry minions will rise and take their rightful place as lords of all high places. It is the twilight of the primates. Stern justice will be imposed with much swatting and disdainful glares.

    We are all doomed.

    In the air, gray clouds… The dander…
    I can feel it now…


  7. This is the second case of this I’ve seen, and its far and away from the bloodline of the first in Germany. Personally, I think its a potential genetic evolution. Cats generally use their ears for cooling don’t they?

    If the planets getting hotter overall, it seems to me it’d make sense to have a second set of ‘cooling’ equipment in the event things heat up.

    Maybe thats just me?

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