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Today on TokyoMango, I wrote about how to make your kid into a stuffed animal; Takashi Miike's new movie, Sukiyaki Western Django; why it's hard to be prime minister in Japan; and the guy who impersonated Obama on Japanese TV.

( Lisa Katayama is a guest blogger.)


  1. Great movie. Caught this in the theaters here in Japan. Though the entirety of the dialogue of the original version is spoken in English, it would only be fair to warn people that it can be a little difficult to understand at times as none of the actors/actresses speak English natively (with the exception of Tarantino who shows up at the beginning and end).

    That said, the Japanese dubs (on DVD) were even wilder. Watching Japanese people’s lips move to English yet having Japanese come out was rather surreal. Most audiences, via Godzilla flicks, are probably used to the reverse.

    There isn’t anything though nothing should stop anyone from enjoying this fun film. The intensity and seriousness the actors put into their performances makes it for an over the top dark comedy (western).

    A prequel to the original Leone film, however prior knowledge is not important.

    Viva Miike. I look forward to more films in this vein. Perhaps it would give Japanese people the small boost of confidence they sorely need to pick up language skills.

  2. The video in your Obama post was taken from a post on It says so in the description of that video on Daily Motion.

    Why didn’t you credit your source?

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