DVS wins TransWorld SKATEboarding's Skate & Create video contest

Skate and Create.png
From DVS:
Back in April, TransWorld SKATEboarding held its first annual Skate & Create contest. In a nutshell, the contest consists of four teams of four pros, one am, a photographer, a videographer, and an art director. Each team is locked in a warehouse for nine days with a smorgasbord of ramps, rails, banks, and boxes. The team that can come up with the most creative set concept, skate obstacles, photography, skateboarding, and video wins. All teams involved produced amazing videos and brilliant photos, but after the judging was said and done it was DVS that emerged as the winner.

Even your granny is going to want to start building a half-pipe in the living room after she sees this. As kids, we were constantly building crude skateboard ramps and BMX tracks that were even worse. The winning DVS video captures not just the kinetic freak out fun of skateboarding, but also the joy of building.

DVS mini-site for their Skate & Create winning entry (via Design is Kinky)
Other entries at TransWorld SKATEboarding

(Mister Jalopy is a guest blogger!)


  1. Whoa I love the lighting and the objects they use to move across, its almost at times like a set of kids blocks and yet it feels like a cross between a workshop and a construction site. Very dynamic and full of potential on all levels.

  2. The Dodos will be playing at Treasure Island Festival in San Francisco the weekend after next, if anyone is interested in that music.

  3. Doesn’t hurt that they have Daewon song…

    This is my favorite element of skateboarding, creating some funky obstacle and having fun with it.

  4. heeeeeyyyyy!!!!

    skateboarding on boingboing!

    thanks for linking to this, might have missed it otherwise…

    I agree with what seems to be the majority, that the globe effort was a more deserving winner.

    The Osiris one is worth a watch, too.

  5. yesyesyes! these videos are amazing! my legs are twitching under my desk to go skate now… watch all of them, they do not disappoint.. IMO Globe ties the win, especially the last shot… HO.LEE.SHIT.

    goosebumps man.

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