Hot Beef Sundae


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  1. Talia says:

    Hot Beef Sundae sounds like a band name.

  2. Xopher says:

    I think the trouble with ‘Hot Beef Sundae’ is it evokes ‘hot beef injection’, and everyone knows what THAT is.

  3. Xopher says:

    Talia, sounds like it should be a banned name!

  4. Trvth says:

    It sounds good – you really can’t go wrong with sliced beef, mashed potatoes, and gravy. There would have to be a generous portion of beef to balance with all of the potatoes though. Yum!

    All of a sudden I feel like I should be bopped on the forehead and handed a V-8.

  5. Robotech_Master says:

    Mmm, looks tasty. Not unlike a hot beef sandwich. (Toast topped with mashed potatoes topped with meat + gravy.) Mmmm. I want one right now. :(

  6. genericvox says:

    Cow meat a la mode… only not…

    I’m sure Rachel Ray would say, “Yummo!”

  7. Xopher says:

    *bops Trvth on the forehead and hands hir a V8*

    *jumps out of the way as Trvth peels out in the V8*

  8. Anonymous says:

    Two words: pastrami burrito.

  9. Wingo says:

    A few blocks away from my home, there’s a convenience store whose sign boldly advertises underneath its name: “FRIED CHICKEN DONUT SANDWICH”.

    Ha! Reminds of a local grocery I used to visit a lot that had a huge, back-lit sign out front proclaiming its stocking of ‘FRESH FISH LIQUOR’, where there was an obvious lack of separation between ‘fish’ and ‘liquor’.

    Mmmmm… Fish liquor.

  10. ekricyote says:

    This is the one single biggest causes of the downfall of western civilization.

    Straight for the heart.

  11. Zan says:

    The Alley Cafe in Bisbee, AZ that has similar “World Famous” Meatloaf Sundaes. It’s even in the restaurant description at

  12. bcsizemo says:

    Oh come on, this is only a quarter step worse than the KFC border bowl.

    Anything that combines mash potatoes, tons of gravy, meat, and some type of dairy (cheese or sour cream) is like heaven in a bowl.

    Pop me some corn in there with a biscuit or cornbread on the side, and a 32oz sweet tea or Mountain Dew and I’m set.

    If only the KFC buffet had popcorn chicken. I could make my own, EXTRA SAUCY!

  13. Master Mahan says:

    I’ve seen Hot Beef Sundae, as well as the sequel, Hot Beef Sundae 2: Cherry on Top. Don’t bother watching any of the Waffle Bone spin offs, though – they’re made by a completely different company that bought the rights to the name after the production company went bankrupt due to the Dippin’ Dots lawsuit.

  14. guy_jin says:

    This seems like an americanized version of poutienne. I’ve been wanting to try the latter, but I’m not sure it’s worth a trip to the state fair just to try an imitator. (being in Omaha, it wouldn’t be THAT far a trip.)

  15. jjjj says:

    fried spam on a stick. sounds good.

    years ago, at the MN state fair, I had pork chop on a stick. And Milk from Rudy!

  16. Reluctant_Paladin says:

    Dairy, while skipping the middle man. I like it.

  17. Enochrewt says:

    This seriously looks good, it’s a meat and potatoes w/ gravy meal in portable form, and that’s an innovation I can get behind.

    They probably could have found a better name than “Hot Beef Sundae” though. It sounds like one of those mythical teenage sex moves like “The Donkey Punch” or “The Dirty Sanchez”.

  18. Gilbert Wham says:

    #28: What do you mean, why?

  19. eljesusmartinez says:

    oh, state fair food. nothing like a hot beef sundae before a boyz II men concert and a tilt-a-whirl ride.

  20. The Unusual Suspect says:

    Wikipedia is right now logging 10,000 hits on “Donkey Punch”.

  21. GeekMan says:

    A few blocks away from my home, there’s a convenience store whose sign boldly advertises underneath its name: “FRIED CHICKEN DONUT SANDWICH”.

    While I’m sure it simply meant to emphasize these things a little more separately, my friends have nonetheless laboured under the fantasy that the “Fried chicken donut sandwich” exists. There has been rampant speculation of its exact configuration, and insistence that, one day, we shall walk proudly into the store and ask for, nay, DEMAND a Fried Chicken Donut Sandwich.

    Then we shall all die of cardiac arrest.

  22. doplgangr says:

    hot beef sundae… you have to love this graphic description:

    fried chicken donut sammich… it’s alive! ALIVE!

    poutine… somehow this looks disgusting enough that it must be really good:

    adventures in fine dining… yummo.

  23. ZippySpincycle says:

    As usual The Onion has covered something along similar lines already.

  24. mgfarrelly says:

    They had to be chocolate sundaes too, didn’t they?

  25. dizastor says:

    hot beef sundae in nebraska…

    I’m booking a flight right now.

  26. Trent Hawkins says:

    It’s not a Fried Chicken Donut Sandwich unless it’s made with Krispy Kreme donuts(that’s plural, so there better be more then one).

    What? The world is going to destroyed by the LHC anyway, so why not treat yourself before you spaghettify?

  27. darkknightjared says:

    THAT’S what a hot beef sundae is?

    If you’ll excuse me, but I have to file a complaint against my local vendor. And charge him with sexual assault.

  28. pollyannacowgirl says:

    You know what’s so weird? Just this morning I made an “eggs cream cone” for my two year old. I rolled half a tortilla into a cone shape and filled it with scramled eggs. I fantasized about topping it with salsa and sour cream or maybe some grated cheese.

  29. Toma says:

    I think Darkknightjared wins the comments.

    They’ve also got these at the Iowa State Fair. Don’t forget deep fried Milky Ways.

  30. 5000! says:

    Where in NE does one get a Hot Beef Sundae? It looks like a truck of some kind. Was it a street vendor?

  31. moonracer23 says:

    The real creepiness comes from their description of the item. “A delightfully satisfying meal you will enjoy time after time, year after year.”

    Not only is it good, but it is also heavily laced with crack. You will never be able to stop coming back.

  32. saint_al says:

    Hot barf sundae.

    /will stick to Lemon Shake-Ups.

  33. ryan4isu says:

    I’ve never had the hot beef sundae but at Kansas City’s B.B.’s Lawnside Barbeque you can get a BBQ Sundae which believe it or not is actually kind of tasty.

    Here’s the link and description…sorry no pics.

    Bar-B-Que Sundae

    From top to bottom this three-layered delight will satisfy any BBQ lover’s craving. Hickory smoked Pit Beans, creamy coleslaw and succulent Pulled Pork – served in a Mason jar and topped off with sauce and a pickle, $6.59

  34. Gary61 says:

    Why do I gotta wait til Sundae?

  35. dbarak says:

    It’s NOT hot fudge there…

  36. Anonymous says:

    Okay I am totally salivating and need to eat one of these things SOON.

    I do like poutine but after one you need one more. Especially if it’s got franks in it. And then you ask What did I DO to myself???

    Which leads me to the obvious conclusion: That this thread is seriously missing a mention of NEW YORK STATE CURLY FRIES AND GRAVY (AND CHEESE). There, fixed that near-deadly careless omission.

    For extra points I have a very important additional mission for you. At Cornell University in Ithaca, backwoods New York State, there is an undergrad housing complex. (okay at least there was like 18 years ago). There is a little truck which silently parks just below it in the middle of the night. After midnight. This truck serves the most absolutely AMAZING meat sandwiches I have ever had. They have names like Ra-Ra, Re-Re and Ro-Ro. Maybe the Ro was roast beef. And then there was the TRIPLE SUICIDE which like the others featured toasted french bread and much melted cheese and gravy, but instead (or was it in ADDITION to?) it had THREE GIANT MEATBALLS INSIDE. It was great. I would consider flying 10,000 miles and drive 5 hours if I could have another Triple Suicide or even a Ra-Ra, Re-Re or Ro-Ro. And you could tell the guy (who is such a genius he deserves to be a millionaire) to “run it through the garden” and I think he would add mayonnaise and lettuce to it. This was far superior to another legendary and no longer present Ithaca tradition which was midnight breakfast at the Chapter House.

    Does anyone have any information about these sandwiches???? Please!

    Matt in Tokyo

  37. Anonymous says:

    I live in Lincoln and saw these at the state fair. As a vegetarian (yes, we exist in Nebraska), they didn’t look at all appealing to me, but I did think there was a clever marketer working behind the scenes. Perhaps a clever marketer who had read Seth Godin’s book Meatball Sundae.

  38. adamnvillani says:

    Along the lines of the FRIED CHICKEN DONUT SANDWICH and the FRESH FISH LIQUOR, I used to live near a burger joint that advertised SHRIMP SHAKES.

  39. Anonymous says:

    Okay I answer my own post with this awesome article. There was no Internet really then so I’m glad it’s still around and blogged into immortality.

  40. Anonymous says:

    pictures from the Calgary Stampede a few years ago..
    first ones of the sign, 2nd one is the actual creation.. and yes.. it was good.

  41. cinemajay says:

    That’s nothin’, here in Minnesota we fry up Spam nuggets at the State Fair.

    Just to reiterate: Deep Fried Spam Nuggets. On a stick.

  42. Anonymous says:

    This looks pretty much like a Beef Manhattan, but in a cup.

    A Beef Manhattan is a dish consisting of roast beef and gravy. It is often served with mash potatoes either on top or on the side.

  43. littlegreenman says:

    When I first scanned over this item I read this as “Austen FUNERAL cakes” not FUNNEL cakes!

    I suspect my first reading was pretty darn accurate looking at the cardiovascular delight pictured! >;)

  44. scionofgrace says:

    I checked out the websites but can’t find out: where in Nebraska did he find these? ‘Cause while I’m not surprised, I’ve lived in Omaha my entire life, and I swear I’ve never seen any ads for a Hot Beef Sundae.

    (Looks pretty tasty, though!)

  45. trr says:

    Is that shredded cheese on top of it? Why?

  46. Falcon_Seven says:

    This, of course, is not to be confused with the ‘Hot Beef Injection’.

  47. Anonymous says:

    Okay, so the hot beef sundae trailer was across from our booth at the Nebraska State Fair this year. Honestly, it’s glorified mashed potatoes with a side of Texas Toast. I gave it a pass but my boss said it wasn’t that bad. Personally I go for the Fried Snickers.

  48. vamidus says:

    This looks shopped.

  49. mikelist says:

    had poutine (it’s french, i can spell it any way i want)in a macdonald’s in canada, it was pretty good, although i try to avoid potatoes these days. probably good on french bread, i’m going to have to try that.

  50. SeppTB says:

    New York State Fair had these as well, I didn’t try one personally, but everyone I know who did agreed – it was awesome!

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