Obama bumper-stickers for every state project now complete

Kyle sez, "Y'all kindly blogged the launch of Bumperactive's '50 Ways To Vote Obama Project', where we created an Obama sticker for every state. We completed 52 designs (including DC and PR) at the end of August." There Must Be.... 50 Fifty-Two Ways to Vote Obama! (Thanks, Kyle!)

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  1. @mikelotus#1: True…speaking of which, maybe someone should make a Germans for Obama sticker? They apparently like him.

    (I’m joking, people. Last time this came up, I complained that Florida was accidentally left off, and someone took me serious.)

  2. (Hopefully Related)
    Last night we got a call from an Obama volunteer who asked us who are we planning to vote for in November. We got talking and she said she has spoken with people who like Gov. Palin, but not Sen. McCain.

    She said she tells them to write in Gov. Palin’s name on the ballot, and not to vote for Sen. McCain. Clever.

  3. I love how Martin Luther King Jr. is on the Georgia bumper sticker…especially since he was a Republican. How is that not racial profiling? lol

  4. This kind of grassroots promotion, behind one candidate, participated in by the whole nation, must be unprecedented.

  5. I’m an Iowan and though I think the Iowa sticker is clever, I don’t think it will appeal to many Iowans (as evidenced by the fact that they haven’t sold any). American Gothic is almost sacred to Iowans and we’re not fond of anyone making changes to it, especially for political gain.

    And yes, I understand that the Obama campaign had nothing to do with this. I’m an Obama Democrat myself. I’m just saying it won’t help his cause in a state that’s 50/50 right now.

  6. Only about a third of these bumper stickers aren’t horribly put together. Look at the one from Minnesota for example – SUCKS!

  7. “Obama/Favre ’08” may not be the best choice for Wisconsin, since a vast majority of us Sconnies would like to string Favre up by the ankles at this point. “Obama/Rodgers ’08” would be more successful, don’cha know?

  8. #3, I don’t know if you live in South Carolina, but I do, and we love to put our state flag logo (the crescent/palmetto tree) on everything here. Towels, keychains, sandals, you name it, there’s a SC flag version of it.

    That said I think that ours is very classy. I just ordered one.

  9. Can I just say, the one from Illinois is a total bust. Surely they could have designed something that actually represented Obama’s own state on it?

    Something to do with Lincoln would have been an obvious choice. (Yeah, yeah…first Republican president…we all know if he were alive today, he’d be a Democrat or Independent.)

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  11. THe last time this was posted I mentioned that the Washington state one was fucking ugly. It is still as fucking ugly as ever. Must’ve taken 30 seconds in photoshop.

  12. #9, MLK was not a Republican, despite what that party wants us to believe. MLK was a socialist, and made that quite clear. Don’t let their Orwellian version of history convince you that things are different from what is already well proven.

  13. @#3 Why is the South Carolina one a bad idea? The palmetto tree and crescent moon are iconic elements of the state flag, and further it’s already used in bumper sticker mashups incessantly–anything from a tessellation of gamecocks for USC fans, diagonal red stripe for divers, to a rainbow background for gay pride.

    The most clever one I’ve seen is the hidden palmetto tree and crescent moon on the Band of Horses album cover:


  14. Ingteresting to see that many folks seem to like the Arizona sticker the best–I’ve lived in Arizona for more than 30 years and NO WAY am I going to put McCain’s name on my bumper, no matter how clever the sticker, because IMHO he does not deserve reelection as our senator (in ANY year) any more than he deserves to be elected president!

    Does the fact the I was born in Houston qualify me for the “OBAMANOS!” sticker, I wonder? Now, that’s one I could really go for…

  15. I think these stickers are kinda inappropriate. Some are kinda racist too. I don’t get how this is considered PrObama.

  16. I saw a “Texans for Obama” bumper sticker the other day. There was a Texas flag on the sticker, but the stripes were reversed: the red was on top, rather than below the white as it should be.

  17. Mike Lotus #1: They do vote in the primaries, though. So this is more a case of “a day late and a dollar short” than being completely inaccurate.

    The Sticker that has “Obama” framed by elements of the Confederate flag is a strange choice, though.

  18. Florida’s is so funny… but it has taken me a couple days to get it. The hanging chad! How could I forget that? The election won’t come down to a chad this time, but I still thing we need to vote very “Carefully.”

    I bet many people who voted for Nader last time didn’t think Bush would actually get elected(twice!) Politics gives me a stomacheache just as much as it does the next person… but now is the time to make the next move… so let’s think about it and vote well. (Especially is you live in Iowa, Colorodo, Pennsylvania….)

  19. Funny how anyone who doesn’t support Obama on boingboing.net gets their post disemvowelled.

    Anywho, maybe the NObama sticker is for people who live in the New Orleans area?

    Some of the stickers have nice design, but some are really tacky.

  20. @#42 – I was fully expecting it to be. I see the New Orleans abbreviated so much so that when I see “NO” that’s what I think of… sheesh. Stop taking things so seriously.

    @#31 – I think that the large crescent moon for the “O” in Obama makes more of a Muslim/Middle Eastern reference, which is one negative point being brought against Obama this election. Image is everything today and so many of the same symbols have so many meanings behind them…

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