Hungry Scientist: nerdy cookbook for kitchen hackers


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  1. Techwriters says:

    Fantastic cover design………

  2. Eric Carlson says:

    I feel like the word hackers is thrown out a little too freely.

  3. novalis says:


    I do a fair amount of avant-garde cooking — I have an entire shelf in my kitchen filled with chemicals. So I was excited when a friend brought me an ARC of this.

    Unfortunately, it does not live up to its billing. There were few recipes in it that I would actually try, and very little science of any sort. Also, I had seen a few of the recipes before.

    Hungry Scientist did not join the hundreds of other cookbooks in our living room. Instead, it joined the great Park Slope book circuit.

  4. Marley9 says:

    Ain’t got nothins on Alton Brown.

  5. heydemann3 says:

    I will have to read this, if just for the giggles. And I’m pretty much a hacker when it comes to butchery. Not terribly precise in the breakdown of the primal cuts…

  6. pork musket says:

    At Burning Man this year a nearby camp had converted a DHL truck into an ice cream truck and was serving cryogenic ice cream (dairy mix + whatever ingredients + liguid nitrogen + stirring). It was fun to try different flavors. Oreos + bacon chunks + Scotch whisky was pretty awesome.

  7. SMurph says:

    All hail Alton!

  8. jjasper says:

    Try Cooks Illustrated magazine instead. They cook things tons of times, getting replicable recipes, describe the steps and missteps, rate ingredients, and tell you why something works.

  9. Bob says:

    You can all check out the website Cooking for Engineers

  10. pfh says:

    Currently reading McGee’s “On food and cooking”. Now that is a food book for scientists. Truly a book of power! As a computer scientist, it reminds me most of “Numerical Recipes”, but instead of being about numbers it is about food. Already I have performed a number of interesting experiments on the previously mysterious world of vegetables.

  11. wolfiesma says:

    Very cute cover design.

  12. fuzzyami says:

    The cake is so obviously a lie.

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