Gus Harper: timelapse painting of roses

Gus Harper is an L.A./NYC artist who creates pop paintings of ordinary objects on large grids. This time-lapse video of Harper painting roses is quite entrancing. Gus Harper: Grid Painting video (Thanks, Jason Weisberger!)


  1. There’s definitely one frame where he’s doing a headstand around 0:43. This guy seems like someone you’d want to hang out with if you ask me.

    Great project by the way.

  2. Nice! I like how he shuffled the frames at the very end, and how the whole painting seemed to go through several colour schemes before ending up almost monochromatic (beside the green area).

    I wonder how long it took. You can see the sun shining on and moving across the wall but it’s not consistent. I’d guess maybe 2 days?

  3. ha, i saw the handstand too! i only met him once, but it was on a run in the santa monica mountains…he raced for UCLA & did an ironman not too long ago. a man of many talents.

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