Artificial foreskin lets you keep your sensitivity AND the covenant of Abraham!

Circumcised? Need a foreskin? Have no fear, Viafin's synthetic turtleneck's got you covered:
Being circumcised affects the natural operation, appearance and sensitivity of the penis. During recent years much medical research has been carried out in several countries into the function and purpose of the foreskin. There is now conclusive medical evidence that a circumcised penis with the glans exposed has less nerve receptors and is less effective than a naturally covered penis.

Over the years the exposed glans becomes less sensitive. There is well-documented evidence which shows that this can, and often does, have a disastrous effect on sexual performance, its consequences, and ultimately, on self esteem.

The SenSlip range of artificial retractable foreskins is available in different sizes, to allow for variation between individuals. With ten sizes we want you to be fitted correctly right from the start. (See fitting chart)

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  1. “There is now conclusive medical evidence that a circumcised penis with the glans exposed has less nerve receptors…”

    That sounds to me like longer sack time. ;)

  2. The SenSlip range of artificial retractable foreskins is available in different sizes, to allow for variation between individuals.

    That certainly will make some men more sensitive. :p

  3. “Over the years the exposed glans becomes less sensitive. There is well-documented evidence which shows that this can, and often does, have a disastrous effect on sexual performance, its consequences, and ultimately, on self esteem. ”

    @ crap marketers: Citation Needed.

    I believe studies show no such thing.

  4. There is well-documented evidence which shows that this can, and often does, have a disastrous effect on sexual performance, its consequences, and ultimately, on self esteem.

    Well DUH!

    Did you really think it was done for health reasons? Yeah? Then why is it organized religion that promulgates the abomination that is circumcision.

    I prefer myself unedited. I’m glad my folks didn’t decide to dismember me.

  5. How many years does it take for desensitivity to occur? Does it start happening right after the snip, or around the age when you’re old enough to have a credit card to make internet purchases?

  6. Uncircumcised FTW!

    PS We also don’t need lube to rub one out comfortably.

    You’re doing it wrong.

  7. Yeah, “sex doesn’t feel good” is a common complaint of circumcised men. I hear it all the time. “Sex? What’s the point? I can’t feel a thing down there.”

    I will never tire of crying bullshit on this nonsense. If I had a son, he wouldn’t be cut, but that’s because it’s pointless, not because I think it’s detrimental.

    I’m cut and sex feels fine, thanks.

  8. *giggle* It’s like a flesh-colored little macintosh. An Ipod style skin for your penis.

    But it doesn’t have any of those grip-me ridges. *snort*

    Trying very hard not to lol at work.

  9. Here I was, wasting all my time and energy on things like my bike restoration project and on moving my investments around, thinking about groceries for next week and such. All this time, I should have been focused – intensely, maddeningly focused – on what my peter looks like.

    This is one of those signs of how good we have it in the developed world, isn’t it; when grown men just sit there in the homes, dick in hand, staring at it with a sort of crazy, laconic sadness. “My dick has no hat,” they weep.

    “My dick has no hat.”

  10. Americans. Sigh. Takes a study to highlight the obvious: mutilating and reducing the sex organs of male babies is bad.

  11. RJ, I guess it’s better than my dick has no shoes. But I’m not sure where you’d put them.

    Or how you’d tie the laces.

  12. The best part is the warning:

    The SenSlip is NOT to be used for penetration.”

  13. Okay Dbarak @ #22, I’ll bite.

    How do you keep it on while you are plunging in and out of a phonebooth?

    I’ve always wanted to know how Kent kept that thing on under his mild mannered reporter uniform. But I suppose I was looking at the wrong part of his anatomy…

  14. Actually, it wouldn’t be me, but point taken. I tend to tie fairly gently, unless asked otherwise.

  15. Mouthyb,

    First, thank you for offering to bite, but that’s an activity I’d like to skip. :)

    Second, I don’t plunge in and out of phone booths. I may be large, but I’m not that large, I a much prefer living breathing beings (human women, when available).

    Third, to keep it on, I use Velcro or Gorilla Glue.

  16. I woke up this morning and my foreskin was missing.

    This happens to me sometimes, it’s detachable.

  17. I’m circumcised, yet against it. Not because it is unhealthy or something -you can see lots of scientific/empirical/religious/whatever “evidence” otherwise. But because it seems violent and traumatic -especially when it is exercised on young children rather than babies. And it is done for religious purposes.

    My problem* with this ad is with the claim that “it OFTEN has a DISASTROUS effect on sexual life”. God, I’m offended! Does it mean that most of the 15 million Jews and 1.5 billion muslims are sexually incompetent??? This reeks sooo badly of orientalism…

  18. How many years does it take for desensitivity to occur?

    About three weeks. The skin keratinises. Of course, there are more nerves in the skin than the glans, and they’re severed immediately.

    I’m cut and sex feels fine, thanks.

    I was snipped as a teenager, and it’s the difference between listening to a piece of music on good headphones and listening to a piece of music through a brick wall. All the fidelity’s gone. Was a medical necessity for me, and I went it to fully informed, and I’d do it again. But anyone who says there’s no difference is kidding themselves.

  19. Dbarak, I conceed as gracefully as possible, considering the fact that I’m lmao in my office. I’m sure the people up and down the office halls think I’m in here sniffing glue or something. College is not for laughing.

    That’s kinda super awesome. If I had a trophy handy, you could have it. I needed the laugh.

  20. Ah yes, preying on mens’ fears that their penis is not quite right somehow is ~almost~ as deep a money well as preying on womens’ fears that they’re not pretty enough.

    Marketers! *spits*

  21. New challenger @ 27, did you find it in the medicine cabinet? How about Second Avenue, near Mark’s place, on a blanket?

  22. Mouthyb, I am one sick puppy. I obviously have to watch what I joke about here at work.

    We could all use a bunch of laughs these days, huh? :)

  23. @#14

    I’m cut and sex feels fine, thanks.

    So am I, but maybe there’s some crazy, unbelievable level that we don’t even know about. Maybe uncut sex leads to orgasms where you blackout and gold coins shoot out your ears.


    “My dick has no hat,” they weep.

    More of turtleneck sweater, mebbe?

  24. DBarak @ 33: Sometimes a sick puppy is pretty much exactly what the doctor ordered. I can pretty much always use the laugh. And my sense of humor is lamentably sick. As I often say to friends, “it’s okay. We’re all going to hell for that joke ’cause we ain’t right. Nossir.”

  25. Mouthyb, we need to have a beer together if we’re ever in the same town. We sound like kindred spirits, in the non-metaphysical sense.

  26. SenSlip wouldn’t survive a day in my canine-centric home.
    Me: “Dammit, I swear I left it on the nightstand…”
    Mrs. Dayne: “What’re you looking for hon?”
    Me: “Aw, I can’t find my foreskin.”
    Mrs. Dayne: “Uh, you don’t wear it to work…do you?”
    New Puppy: GNAW GNAW GNAW
    Mrs. Dayne: “Uh, found it.”

  27. Here is my experience:

    Like many, I was circumcised at birth. Many years ago, I decided to see whether the rumors of greater sensitivity were true. So I started covering my glans by pulling the remaining foreskin over it and taping it closed with first aid tape.

    After about a week I tried masturbating again. It was so intense that I nearly passed out. Actual sex is much, much better too.

    Ever since then I’ve kept my glans covered. I’m lucky that I have enough foreskin left to do this, some people are cut really short and have nothing left at all.

    Band-aids work best because they have the gauze pad in the middle which keeps them from sticking to the glans. Just pull what you’ve got over the head and stick the band-aid to keep it in place.

    As I’ve found out, foreskins exist for a reason. I think it’s a crime to do irreversible cosmetic surgery to infants who can’t possibly consent to it.

  28. DBarak, ever been to Albuquerque? I’d be happy to meet you at some point for a beer. You’ve been cracking me up.

  29. Actually, a bunch of recent studies are shedding light on the fact that having a foreskin actually increases the risk of contracting. Seems circumcisions actually help protect against the virus.

  30. @#43 – Absolutetrust — And that is why many women elect to remove their breasts before they get cancer. What’s your point?

  31. Also i’m fairly certain my original post said “…contracting HIV”. Either it was removed, or i slipped up. Sorry.

    1. Circumcised guys might have reduced sensitivity down there, but they seem to have increased sensitivity to the idea that their mutilated members might not provide as much pleasure as the ones that nature gave them.

  32. Having a less sensitive penis means I can see women without their burkas on and not get all freaky- deaky.

  33. Cut, uncut,
    as long as you keep it clean enough to prevent spread of STD’s (the cleanliness factor seems to be the big reason behind the health research on cut/uncut shows any difference) hey, whichever you choose.

    The only problem I see with that is that I know a LOT of my friends (and I) have had to eventually have a “Geez, wash your hands first if you want to touch me THERE and when did you last take a shower, anyway?” conversation with our otherwise well-groomed male companions.

    So if MY health depends on HIS hygiene– I think I’d prefer to err on the side of “cut” for sheer self preservation. Because a scrub-check pre-sex isn’t the sexiest thing.

    Of course, I wouldn’t require a gent to get snipped just for me. His body, his call and a little thing like that wouldn’t stop me if I really loved him. But there might be a few more “join me in the shower/bubble bath seductions in his future- just in case.

    1. So if MY health depends on HIS hygiene– I think I’d prefer to err on the side of “cut” for sheer self preservation.

      Yes, infibulation keeps women cleaner, too. Genital mutilation is the perfect answer for all your hygiene needs.

  34. I was circumcised as a baby, and was rendered fairly insensitive. In the sense that it would take hours for me to, um…finish. On good days. Sounds great until your partner realizes that its going to be this way *every* time. No matter how good it can be, eventually they either get tired of it and run away, or get dehydrated and have to go to the hospital, both of which kind of kills the mood and relationships.

    Got a pair of dydoes, frenums, and a prince albert. Vastly improved things for myself and others. Sensitivity is just right, and well, haven’t had any complaints about the bling either. The downside of piercings is that long hair and lace become dangerous, airport security becomes a real time sink, and its a 50-50 shot that you gain OR lose sensitivity with piercings. I got lucky on that last one, YMMV. ;)

  35. While I think circumcision is pretty pointless, I’ll say this:
    I was “edited” as on poster put it, shortly after birth. I am 41 and also gay. I’ve had quite a bit of experience with my own and other men’s penises. I am FAR more sensitive than any other guy I have ever met, circumcised or not. While I don’t mourn the loss of mine, I think it’s something that we really don’t “need” to do to anyone.

    And I agree as a general guidline, that if a religion says you should do it, it might actually be bad for you.


  36. #54- You know, comparing the removal of the foreskin (usually in an anesthetized and sanitary medical situation) to the complete excision of the main female sexual sensory organ (usually with no medication, sanitation and by a local witch doctor) is both inaccurate and unfair.

    I did not say that I demand that the head of my partners penis be lopped off for my convenience.

    I merely made a preference statement qualified by noting that I would make that a deal-breaker in any relationship.

    I can understand that you’re passionate on the subject. But at least be civil and accurate.

    To be otherwise just hurts the cause you’re trying to champion.

    1. usually with no medication, sanitation and by a local witch doctor

      Do you know what the word mohel means? Religious circumcision is not done by a physician. It’s done at a party.

      You know, comparing the removal of the foreskin (usually in an anesthetized and sanitary medical situation) to the complete excision of the main female sexual sensory organ (usually with no medication, sanitation and by a local witch doctor) is both inaccurate and unfair.

      So, the standard partial clitoridectomy done in muslim countries is okay with you? You know, they take just enough off so that the woman still has sensation but won’t be tempted to cheat on her husband. I guess that removing the most sensitive parts are okay as long as you leave something, eh?

  37. This is a portion from a previous comment trying to explain how religious experience can be so profound as to make it hard to understand what you’re missing by comparing religion’s effect to the circumsion of the penis. Your religioin is all you need until…

    One day in the shower after gym class, look at that poor bastard, his (uncircumcised) cock is deformed. Thank god that didn’t happen to me! You grow up some more. WHAT! You mean they cut the end off MY Cock. I’m circumcised? For fuck’s sake! Why?

    Then you hear that your circumcised cock is less sensitive than an unmodded cock. But since an orgasm in an attentive orifice feels like you’re going to die if he or she licks your cock one more time, you find it impossible to believe your experience isn’t already the best it could be. In fact, those people are fkin delusional and are wasting their lives.

  38. #48 posted by Mim

    I think “many women” might be an over statement. Perhaps “a small minority of women that have a high risk of breast cancer” would better fit your statement.

    These women also make this choice on their own terms, however crappy those terms are. Babies don’t decide whether to cut their foreskins off.
    As far as the HIV thing. Yes lots of studies point towards the fact that it may help prevent HIV.

  39. I guess it’s one way to turn your foreskin into a fiveskin.

    Cut, but don’t seem to have a sensitivity problem.
    Frankly, it really doesn’t matter; for those cut at birth how would we know the difference?

  40. mouthyb,

    Only to/through Las Cruces. In the words of Bugs Bunny, I shoulda’ toined left (right?) at Albaquoicee. I’m in San Diego, so come on out for a beer and a fish taco!

  41. Whoops!
    I mean …that I would NOT make that a deal-breaker in any relationship.

    Person over penis, that’s what _I_ always say! ;-)

  42. 1. I’m cut. Never had any problems.

    2. Just had a baby 2 weeks ago. Now he’s cut. His mom couldn’t watch, but he didn’t seem to mind at the time.

    3. There is a lot of anti-cut crap out there on the web. None of it even comes close to balancing the proven anti-HIV medical benefits.

    4. @59: babies also don’t decide whether they want a genetic test for trisomy 21 or phenlyketonuria, or polio or measles vaccines. But most of the time, it’s those “God will SAVE MY BABY!” nutjobs whose kids die because they reject modern medicine. When you have a kid to test your subjective opinions on, feel free. Until then, I’m going with consensus reality.

  43. Okay, why am I actually answering this?

    Look, yes, I know what a Mohel is.
    And I don’t know where YOU live, but around here, being a mohel is an extra certification that our urology surgeons (DOCTORS) get so they can perform this ritual. And it’s done with medication. We require doctors to do it. How about you? Or do you even know?

    (Note- check your local health dept. rules before you answer that- and if you aren’t happy with the local laws, do something to change them.)

    And no, I’m not for ANY form of female circumcision because it removes nerve-rich tissue that is analogous to the head of the male penis, and I don’t think the tip of either one should be removed. (were you actually reading what I wrote?)

    Female circumcision not only increases profound sexual dysfunction (often in areas where the woman can be beaten to death for refusing sex, and the husband going unpunished) and death in childbirth.

    Not to belittle your feelings, but to compare male foreskin removal to the unskilled excision of entire sexual organs on a woman is to try to compare a pimple to a boil caused by a life-threatening staph infection.

    One is irritating and mostly cosmetic–the other one frequently leads women in the developing world to the grave.

    It would be interesting if you had taken a moment think about what I was saying and to ask me if I felt that the removal of the clitoral hood (the female “foreskin”) should be removed since detritus is known to accumulate there just as under the male foreskin.

    But since there hasn’t been any research dedicated to that bit of the female sexual anatomy (having only recently acknowledged the clitoris, the docs are too busy still arguing about g-spot tissue) and since I can’t offer you any information on that more accurate analogy, I don’t have an opinion.

    And actually, I recently had a very interesting discussion on the topic of female circumcision in the middle east with my thesis adviser, who is a woman who grew up under the veil in Saudi Arabia. The work to ban the practice of female circumcision in those countries is a big job, and she has a lot of friends active in that cause.
    Lots of interesting info.

    I repeat, I honor your feelings on the issue. But I take scientific umbrage to your comparisons.

    If you feel so strongly, maybe you could start a petition to make an educational consult or literature required for new parents of baby boys before they opt for the automatic circumcision in U.S. hospitals? If you feel it is that important, it would do you good to take action.

    1. But I take scientific umbrage to your comparisons.

      And I take human umbrage to the idea that female genital mutilation is bad and male genital mutilation is okay. People need to stay away from children’s crotches. Don’t even get me started on sexual assignment surgery for intersexuals.

  44. I am primarily writing as a liberal rabbi who has put in many, many hours of research into “evidence” for and against circumcision. The only high-quality peer-reviewed studies supporting circumcision for medical reasons are those showing lower incidences of HIV in circumcised men in Africa, where HIV is much more common among the general population (both gay and straight) than in North America. Claims regarding reduction of urinary tract infections have been questioned, particularly the lack of control regarding whether the parents of infants have been properly trained in diaper-changing hygiene for their uncircumcised sons. (Many parents who have not been “given permission” by parent educators or doctors to do so are too embarrassed to properly clean under their sons’ foreskin.) On the other hand, there are no objective measures of sexual impairment in circumcised men, and certainly nothing that. Moreover, I spoke to and read accounts from men who had adult circumcisions, even reluctantly (for both medical and religious reasons), who basically all report the same thing: sexual stimulation occurs differently, but not to a lesser or greater degree, when one is circumcised or uncut. I have never heard of a well-reviewed peer-reviewed study that supports the claim of Viafin’s makers that circumcision “OFTEN has a DISASTROUS effect on sexual life.”

    Secondarily, I am writing as a woman who has (gasp!) had sex with a substantial quantity of men both cut and uncut. I have to say that I never noticed a variation of performance or pleasure based on the presence or absence of a foreskin. Only one man bemoaned his circumcised penis (even considering having a graft from another place on his body!), and it is not surprising that he was a far-Left-leaning man who (a) was struggling with his Jewish identity in general, (b) had a great deal of anger at his parents–and not only for circumcising him–, and (c) had read a lot of anti-circumcision literature. Even this man’s sexual performance seemed much like that of some uncircumcised men; he just felt worse about himself.

    The SenSlip is cosmetic: it is all about making the wearer feel better about themselves.

  45. The desensitization is done purposefully. The Talmud expressly instructs men to hold off until the women has her orgasm. This was written about 200-500AD. It leads to more males being born than females.
    Only recently have we have discovered why. Female orgasm make the vagina more alkaline which favors the male carrying sperms, normally slower then the female variety.
    I could site papers but it is an easy Google search. “How to choose the sex of your baby”
    The prohibition on shellfish follows in the same way, it’s a wise choice when you live in a desert.
    Ancient man was not so stupid and we are finding that out rather slowly.
    We’re the stupid ones.


  46. Circumcision is always such a sensitive subject. Y’all are so thin skinned. Don’t lose your heads. Its one of those decisions parents have to think long and hard about.

  47. dbarak stop spreading misinformation, by the time a male who was circumcised at birth reaches the age of sexual activity there is significant keratinization of the glans.

    furthermore it also affects the quality of the sex for the woman DRAMATICALLY.

  48. @#56 Zootboing: Anaesthetic used in infant circumcisions is not highly effective in stopping the pain because it is usually a weak local anaesthetic. General anaesthetic is pretty much impossible to administer in infants without a serious risk of death, so it’s not used. There is also generally no method for post-surgical pain management, which you’d normally get as an adult. Infants also don’t have a fully developed peripheral nervous system, which means they are more susceptible to pain than adults. It’s also worth mentioning that “sanitary conditions” in the hospital don’t help you when you’ve got an open wound in a diaper — faecal matter gets into the bloodstream no matter how clean the hospital is.

    @Everyone: Something that lots of people don’t seem to know (or care to learn) is that infant circumcision doesn’t involve just taking off a little slice of skin, and doesn’t resemble the same procedure in an adult. The foreskin is connected to the glans at birth, much like your fingernail is connected to your finger, and detaches gradually over time through puberty; when circumcising an infant, it involves forcibly ripping away the attached foreskin. (For a demonstration, grab some pliers and yank on your fingernail until it comes off.) The procedure also often (in about 50% of cases) involves the applying a plastibell, which is a plastic ring that crushes the foreskin before it is cut off.

    There are many short- and long-term complications from the procedure. Extremely commonly, the infant goes into shock during the procedure. Other problems range from the minor, like loss of sensitivity, skin bridges, and painful erections, all the way up to severe mental distress, penis amputation, total loss of feeling in the penis, haemorrhage, and death. (See: CIRP.)

    For everyone else that likes to talk about how circumcisions reduce the transmission of HIV… The USA (and anywhere else that you’re able to read this over the Internet) is not a third-world country. We have the ability to educate our children to the dangers of unprotected sex and sexually transmitted diseases, and condoms are widely available and much more effective than circumcision. Reducing HIV transmission may be a reasonable excuse for performing the procedure in desolate areas in the African savannah, but not here. Also, one thing these studies don’t seem to bring up is the fact that while you may be reducing the ability of the disease to spread physically, you may also be increasing a person’s willingness to take risky actions by telling them that they are safer afterwards, ultimately defeating the entire purpose of the procedure.

    Anyway, I’m tired of feeling like I’m the lone defender of common sense in this irrational and silly debate. The simple, easy solution for all parents is to “do nothing”. If someone decides when they get older that they want to get circumcised, let them do it, but forcing something so permanent on someone as an infant makes no sense.

  49. foreskins belong to the Deep Time of evolution, genital cutting belongs to the recent era of primate religions. I think it best to err on the side of millions of years of caution over a few millennia of wishful thinking. Since your kind only has one, why take risks?

  50. I’m curious as to how exactly they measured increased or decreased confidence — a male who would would participate in a study about confidence wouldn’t exactly have any control-group kind of experience to compare with, as most all foreskin snippity-snippages occur before we even start forming memories.

    Plus, I sure wouldn’t feel a heck of a lot more confident with a prosthetic schlong sock. And if I need confidence, putting on a synthetic foreskin isn’t exactly something that would deflect questions but instead inflict confidence-shattering, “wtf is that” reactions.

  51. With all respect and no intent to offend, I have to ask a question.

    How did circumcision become a generally practiced medical procedure? It would seem to me that the idea of removing part of a baby’s penis is something nobody would do without a VERY good reason.

  52. There was a speaker at my school, Lawrence University, who said that there may be a link between circumcision and ease of infection. I don’t have anything to cite at the moment, though.

  53. You know, I’ve seen a few of the studies (nothing real detailed, but I’ve given them the once over), but I know that if you start out with an assumption, you tend to see the evidence you discover in the light of that assumption. And I wonder how invested we are, as a nation, in believing that genital mutilation is the thing to do. (I’m thinking a lot.)

    In this case, I would not want to cause any part of anyone else’s body to be cut off unless it was a matter of immediate survival. I mean, could you do that to someone and just hope they are okay with it? I like my bits just the way they are and that’s kind of a permanent adjustment of your penis and not one I would want to have done to someone else.

    Plus, foreskins are not ugly or disgusting to my mind. I just can’t see making what amounts to an aesthetic decision to cut a portion of someone’s genitalia off.

  54. as a lady, i have had cut and uncut men. i personally prefer uncut. feels better, it’s easier to play with, and as long as it’s kept clean,it’s all good. however, all of my american girl friends think i am weird because of this.

    there is an awful stigma against uncircumcised men in the US, mostly from women. the US is the only country where circumcision is mainstream. in america, circumcision is not religious, it is done because parents fear their child will be different.

    there is no conclusive study that shows uncut men are more likely to contract diseases or infections. as long as you clean that weiner, you’re golden.

  55. My husband is the only uncircumsized man I ever slept with. He’s also the best lover I’ve ever had, and I’d had many. I actually enjoy playing with his penis more…the foreskin is a lovely, soft-to-the-touch thing.

    Of course, I think that the main factor in his bedroom prowess is his upper head, not his lower one. He’s a great guy and very attentive, in the bedroom and out.

  56. just a demonstration of the power of a religious meme. A brilliant adaptation to force the idea into the tangible world since it uses sex, tribalism and war altogether.

  57. Just to clarify some comments, as a doctor, it is incorrect to say there are no medical benefits to a circumcision. The American Academy of Pediatrics is formally neutral on the issue.


    1. Decreased risk of urinary tract infection. The estimated risk goes from 1/100 to 1/1000. The trials in which these are done are actually more respected than an above commentor state. The only criticism of this is that you are basically going from pretty rare to extraordinarily rare. Most don’t believe this benefit outweighs the overall risk, however it is STILL A BENEFIT.

    2. Decreased risk of penile cancer. Already a rare thing to begin with, those without foreskin have rated that approach zero. Again, benefits don’t outweigh risks.

    In short, there are real medical benefits to a circumcision but these benefits do not outweigh risks nor are they cost effective on a grand scale. The decision to circumcise is a cultural one and should be made by the parents.

  58. I don’t have much confidence that the SensSlip would work, but I do believe that circumcision would be akin to cutting off ones ears. Sure, you’ll still be able to hear, just not as well.

    People with vision problems are always amazed at how much clearer the world seems as soon as they put on a new pair of glasses. It is only then that they realize how poor their unaided vision really was. There is no reason to think this would not be the same for circumsized men.

    While there is no way, obviously to re-circumsize someone, there are cases of men who have been circumsized after experiencing un-circumsized sex. Invariably they report a much superior experience with, rather than without, their foreskins.

    It seems rather unlikely that nature would produce useless body parts.

    Actually circumcision is a primitive and barbaric practice, and is an appalling testament to man’s stupidity and arrogance. No where is the patriarchy in greater evidence, ironically, than in this practice. If your father underwent mutilation, there is a very good chance that you too will also undergo mutilation if you are unfortunate enough to have been born with a penis in some countries.

  59. I may be the only person in these comments that actually has a Senslip. I’m looking at it right now. I have tried many products that aid in regaining lost sensitivity due to circumcision, and I would not recommend the Senslip. For me, it was a waste of money, but I could not resist trying it out. Mostly, I found it to be very, very difficult to get on, and pretty uncomfortable once in place.

    There are, however, many methods and products that can restore the foreskin without surgery. Google foreskin restoration to see some of them. I’ve been restoring mine for over a year, and the results are well worth it. I have increased sensitivity, way better orgasms, and a sense of self re-claiming that I really enjoy, even with the meager progress I’ve made toward full restoration.

  60. Reply to #65:

    If you’re using the absence of a foreskin to prevent HIV transmission, you’re doing it wrong.

  61. hell why stop with the foreskin?

    I know it might lead to a toughening of the eyeballs but let’s snip off those pesky eye lids.

    Other than due to malformation, circumcision is a bizarre practice.

    And even in cases of malformation there are ways of dealing with it that are less draxtic.

    HAre lips do not get solved by cutting off the lips.

  62. I was circumcised as a youth because the foreskin was too tight and painful. The operation was done in a hospital. The sex is as good as ever. It’s pretty much in your mind and the sensitivity is always subjective. The sexual drive is not affected by circumcision.

    Her spirit takes me in so eagerly, that it’s sometimes awkward, but always funny. The less at ease you are, the more complicated it becomes, and the less you are ready for anything.

  63. Anonymous @72 reckons “Anaesthetic used in infant circumcisions is not highly effective in stopping the pain because it is usually a weak local anaesthetic. General anaesthetic is pretty much impossible to administer in infants without a serious risk of death, so it’s not used.”

    As a fully qualified medical specialist in anaesthesia can I just assure you all that that is total, complete and utter rubbish? Local anaesthetic agents work just fine in infants and while absolute safety can never be guaranteed in any medical procedure neither does general anaesthesia carry a “serious risk of death” for healthy babies.

  64. Sex with a man with a foreskin feels absolutely incredible. (I’m a girl, by the way). Without, sure, it’s good, but with, wow…

    ::goes off on a daydream::

    You’re all missing out, you crazy Americans.

  65. @ #30:

    “But anyone who says there’s no difference is kidding themselves.”

    There are quite a few people who were circumcised during their adulthood who say just the opposite: that there is no perceivable difference. In an informal study, ten soldiers were asked whether they experienced more or less pleasure after the procedure, and all but one of them said that there was either no difference or that sensitivity was increased.

    Perhaps it is possible that you got a hatchet job while others get the deluxe scalpel treatment. Your analogy is funny, but not at all conclusive medically. And to some researchers, less nerve endings does not automagically equal less pleasure. I’m sure it’s refreshing for uncircumcised men to hear that they enjoy sex more, but most of them will never know for certain.

    If what you say is true, however, that the “fidelity” is gone, you must be clinically depressed.

  66. @ Lau:

    I’ve had this discussion with a few of my girlfriends (I’m a guy) and they seem to be split on the issue. Some women seem to actually prefer having sex with circumcised men. Crazy Americans.

  67. I might be interested in trying one out but I’ve never liked how I look in a turtleneck. Do they have one in a button-down oxford?

  68. Takuan @76…”medicine and nanotech will come to the rescue”

    Nanotech? You mean one day I might be able to have a set of buckyballs?

  69. DBarak: Alas, my car is a total pos, so Cruces is out of the question without hitchhiking, and I refuse to obey the rules of the road (a la George Carlin in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back), so I’m afriad we’ll just have to miss each other.

    I have an upcoming job/PhD program search (who knows where it’ll take me), so if I end up in Frisco, I’ll send you a message.

    But thank you again for the laughs yesterday. I really needed them.

  70. Dark alley (dark alley) black star
    Four turkeys in a big black car
    The road is shiny (bright shine) the wheels slide
    Four turkeys going for a dangerous ride
    The lacquer crackles (black tar) the engines roar
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    Splish splash, I was raking in the cash
    The biology of purpose keeps my nose above the surface (Ooh)
    King’s lead hat put the innocence inside her
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    In New Delhi (smelly Delhi) and Hong Kong
    They all know that it won’t be long
    I count my fingers (digit counter) as night falls
    And draw bananas on the bathroom walls
    The killer cycles (humdrum), the killer hurts
    The passage of my life is measured out in shirts
    Time and motion (motion carried) time and tide
    All I know and all I have is time
    And time and tide is on my side
    King’s lead hat put the poker in the fire
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    The weapon’s ready (ready Freddy) the guns purr
    The satellite distorts his voice to a slur
    He gives orders (finger pie) which no-one hears
    The king’s hat fits over their ears
    He takes his mannequin (tram line) cold turpentine
    He tries to dial out 999999999
    He dials reception (moving finger): he’s all alone
    He’s just a figment on the telephone! Ahhhhhhh!
    King’s lead hat made the Amazon much wider
    It will come, it will come, it will surely come
    King’s lead hat was the poker in the fire
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    King’s lead hat was a mother to desire
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    King’s lead hat put the innocence inside her
    It will come, it will come, it will surely come.

  71. #72. Amen. It’s distressing how many of my “liberal” friends bemoan cruelty to animals, female circumcision (which I understand is often more severe), and other issues related to the inability to give consent, but utterly dismiss the idea of leaving male children (babies!) alone until (health issues aside) they’re old enough to make informed decisions.

  72. Anonymous,

    You didn’t have “foreskin left” to pull down; you’re just pulling down another layer of skin. Provided of course that your post isn’t bogus.

  73. Takeshi – “soldiers” are not a representative propulation.

    Their job is to be insensitive pricks.

    just sayin’

  74. The decision to circumcise is a cultural one and should be made by the parents.

    Naturally you feel the same way about female circumcision, footbinding and marrying your twelve year old daughter to her great-uncle. I mean cultural and parental desires trump every other imaginable consideration, right?

  75. @ 108 – Just imagine if clits were exposed to rubbing against underwear all day every day. They would lose sensitivity, and that’s exactly what happens to the glans of a circumsized penis. The tip of the penis is meant to be kept moist and protected, just like the clit. The highly sensitive, mucous membrane of the glans will become moist and pink again if a circumsized guy keeps it covered 24/7 for several weeks. Much like the hardened callouses on the fingertips of a guitar player, skin will soften and go back to the natural state if allowed. By keeping the glans protected, the hardened layer of keratinized skin that forms on the glans of an exposed, circumsized penis will go away.

    That being said, I have tried the Senslip, and it is not a good choice for accomplishing this – for many reasons.

    @ 109 – right on! I’m also surprised that noone here has mentioned the book, or the fr movement. I’ve been tugging since 2004, and yes, it takes a lot of dedication, but worth the ride. Foreskin Restoration FTW!

  76. ‘How do you keep it on while you are plunging in and out of a phonebooth?”

    …Easy. There aren’t any phonebooths anymore, in case you’ve noticed.

  77. “Provided of course that your post isn’t bogus.”

    …You mean he could have posted with an artificial dick?

  78. Okay, I dunno if anyone will get all the way down here to read this, but here is my personal female experience with uncircumcised penises.

    UnCirc Penis #1. I was at a party, about 14 years old and had slipped away to a dark corner with a guy who I’d known for a couple weeks and I thought he was cute. Out came the penis, and it stank. It smelled like he dipped it in the water that collects on the bottom of a garbage bin. I had one whiff of that and then I ran away! Far far away!

    UnCirc Penis #2. A year later, and much the same experience as #1, another stinky penis.

    UnCirc Penis #3. It didn’t stink, so I was willing to give it the third time’s a charm approach. We started doing it.. but something felt weird. Turn on the lights, and there was blood everywhere. Naturally I assumed it was me, even though it was nowhere near period time. I run to the bathroom and wipe off, only to discover that it wasn’t me after all. I’m standing there, confused, when the guy came knocking on the door and explained that his foreskin had ripped. I was totally grossed out, with penis blood all over me, very yuck. I politely excused myself and ran far, far away.

    So, since then, I pretty much have exclusively dated nice Jewish boys. It has worked out very well for me. Three strikes and you’re out, weird looking stinky bleeding penises!

  79. I’m disgusted to share a species with people who would admit to prefering their partners genitally mutilated.

    The male foreskin includes over half his sensual nerve endings, gives protection from drying and abrasion for the glans and mucosa, and provides an exquisite frictionless rolling/gliding mode of intimate interaction for a man and his partner.

    95% of the world’s non-Muslim familes do not circumcise. Foreskin feels REALLY good. HIS body, HIS decision.

    Thank goodness some people are not too shy to pursue ways of helping men who after decades of numbing to the end of penis could use some relief.

  80. @115

    Yeah! Well said. Good to see you here, TLC! I spend so much time inside the restoration community, that’s it’s shocking to see these anti-foreskin attitudes. Hard to understand.

  81. #116: It has no effect in HIV transmission between non-infected partners either.

    Or shall we say, it provides a 0% reduction in the transmission of HIV (in those cases).

    It’s amazing to me the number of people who consider themselves humanitarians, but then feel free to consider people as a population rather than individuals. If circumcision were 100% effective at stopping HIV transmission between infected partners, it would still be unacceptable. It’s equivalent to mass sterilization to solve overpopulation (which other “humanitarians” have inflicted upon African women in the past).

    I’m curious to know how posters like #65 justify not allowing their son to make the decision himself when he’s old enough instead of making it for him.

  82. I’m uncircumcised

    a.) I am embarrassed with my elephant trunk-like foreskin.
    b.) I am more sensitive to pleasure that I cum to easily. Bummer for the chicks.
    c.) I have to blow dry my dick after showers, if I don’t it smells like Smegma (like shit!)
    d.) If I don’t clean it every day, Smegma starts to build and it smells like shit!
    e.) Masterbation is easier with the foreskin
    f.) Since Masterbation is easier, Masterbation is more frequently done. Lack of motivation to make love nonfictionally.
    g.) I am a Christian and masterbation is morally incorrect, so I feel like shit about myself after masterbating aside from a less than perfect self-esteem about how my penis looks in the men’s locker room.
    h.) I wish I was circumcised in my puberty if not as infant everytime all of the above crosses my mind.
    i.) I think circumcised penises look more appealing than an uncircumcised one.
    j.) I am scheduled to get circumcised for obvious reasons and for the reasons above.


    1. The only thing I can argue with is B, if you orgasm too quickly, just try doing something else.
      ^ Masturbation actually helps a great deal with that, too bad you seem to not want to, I don’t really get how you can masturbate and say it’s wrong and that you do it too much, if you don’t want to then dont O_O

      Everything else is just a matter of opinion or religion and I can’t argue with that.

  83. Actually peeps, circumcision does decrease sensitivity, the dryness and the rubbing on the underwear damages the tip of the penis, it’s not crap, but to be honest, I don’t think this artificial forskin will help.

  84. The claims about HIV are just another rationalization. Over the years the claims have been:

    1) To prevent masturbation, later studies found cut boys masturbate more–not less.
    2) As a prophylactic for penile cancer–later studies found it doesn’t prevent cancer.
    3) As a prophylactic against urinary track infections–again, disproven by later studies.
    4) As a prophylactic against STDs–also later disproven.
    5) Finally as fashion–but with rates dropping, the locker rooms are going to be mixed anyway.

    So, now we have claims about HIV. Given the track record, I doubt this claims will stand up in the long term. Even if they are true, telling boys they’re protected by circumcision will just encourage risky behavior that will outweigh any safety benefit–this is a common problem, many safety devices are swamped behavior change.

    Finally, males and females have all the same parts–the difference is that the clitoris is inside. Girls also have a prepuce–smegma too. Type I female circumcision (removal of the prepuce, or “hood”) is analogous to male circumcision. Yet, we’re horrified of female circumcision, and would never consider it.

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