Sad Guys On Trading Floors

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My pal and IFTF colleague Jess Hemerly and her friend Chris Riebschlager just whipped up a fun new photo blog called "Sad Guys On Trading Floors."


  1. You know what would make these guys happy?

    A button which, when pressed, activates electrodes implanted in the scrota of overcompensated former CEOs.

  2. Ha! The bloke on the left looks just like my dog does when she’s tipped out the kitchen bin and crapped in the laundry… He knows what he’s done…

  3. I’m sure someone will beat me to this, but, all these need are captions.

    “I can haz short salez?”

  4. nice pictures shame about the captions, since when has typing/saying/captioning the phrase “d’oh” ever been funny?..seriously

  5. “Am I the only one amazed by how completely shitty these guys dress?”

    Why dress up? They can’t afford trophy wives anymore.

  6. Oh man!

    The one on page 3 that says:

    I can’t add a caption to this that could possibly make it any more hilarious.

    Oh, my spleen: That was so funny!!!

    Thank you David!

  7. Hmmm are these dudes on the floor really the people we should direct our anger at? My suspicion is that the dorky guy in a bad shirt is probably not the guy making millions off his greedy decisions and trotting out his trophy wife. I know nothing about the stock exchange, though, so perhaps I’m wrong.

  8. I noticed something about similar photos posted by the AP and Reuters. They like to use shots of traders covering their mouths in what appears to be an OMG gesture, but they’re almost always wearing a headset and/or microphone, and covering it to cancel ambient noise. The OMG is a more effective photo, especially if your narrative is “run for your lives! the markets are collapsing!”

  9. As funny as this might seem, these just aren’t the guys who were the cause of this mess. More like the pitbulls trained by abusive masters to just kill things: Feel a bit sorry for them, but realize that’s all they know how to do.

  10. These fellows are mostly just working stiffs, while the guys who can green-light investment decisions are usually up in an office with a view, if they care to look away from their screens. Minions of the Market, so to speak.

  11. Bad karma to point and laugh. Shit happens to everyone. How will you feel when someone points and laughs at you?

    (Right, right, you wouldn’t be deserving it, but these guys do because they work on a trading floor. How silly of me.)

  12. Hmmm… That’s good Schadenfreude.
    In all seriousness, those involved in credit default swaps can go die in a fire.

  13. @7:

    Trading floors are dirty, messy, sweaty, smelly pits of raw, brutal energy. If you wore a $500 suit to work a trading floor, you would have to throw it out by the end of the day. These guys are so busy they don’t even have time to eat right, much less dress nice. They dress to survive the day, pretty much.

  14. Geez, these photos are becoming a photographic genre all their own! It is weirdly funny to see a new one every 15 minutes on CNN, etc., and how most of them are of balding white guys realizing the emptiness of their work. This photo blog is the next step. When does the coffee table book come out?

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