Randall "XKCD" Munroe and me on our work habits -- video

Last August, I travelled to Springfield, Mass for 3PiCon, a science fiction convention where I was co-guest of honor with Randall "XKCD" Munroe. We did some fun programming items together, but the best was the last day's event, a panel called "My Day at Work." In honor of Randall's comics, I attended in red cape and goggles, natch, and we had a rollicking time. Karl Wagner caught it on video (the audio's a little poor, but you can hear it), and it's been a hoot to re-live it this morning. 3Pi-Con - My Day At Work - Cory Doctorow & Randall Munroe (Thanks, Karl!)


  1. Yes, to echo #1 – PLEASE turn off the auto playing! I’m interested in it, and yet I haven’t watched it because every time I load boingboing, it starts making annoyingly loud laughter and audience noises and then I spend a while scrolling around trying to find it, and then I hit pause, and then I go back to trying to read the other things I want to read. Now I just associate it with being bothered, so I don’t feel like watching it.

  2. can anyone transcribe this? pretty pretty please?
    no offense to the authors of this recording, but the noise levels… the noise…

  3. Step 0) Use Firefox (You’re already using FF, no? (Thus Step “0”)

    Step 1) Install Flashblock

    step 2) ???

    Step 3) Profit!

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