HOWTO Make honest, simple fake snot

Oh, I know that there's this huge vogue today for making fake snot with molecular gastronomy techniques, a kind of gourmet fetishism for this basic, simple, honest farmland staple. I don't care. I like my fake snot like I like my text-editors: simple, powerful, and green. Lucky for me, Chemistry's Anne Marie Helmenstine, Ph.D., has an old-fashioned, traditional folk-recipe for fake snot.
This is a gooey, gross variation of the traditional slime recipe, great for Halloween and other occasions requiring snot.
How To Make Fake Snot (via Make)


  1. The article says “Don’t eat or inhale the snot. Borax isn’t particularly toxic, but isn’t good for you either.” but then a linked page on the same website says “The estimated lethal dose (ingested) for adults is 15-20 grams; less than 5 grams can kill a child or pet.”

    If eating the snot will kill you, I’d say that constitutes being “particularly toxic.”

  2. Wouldn’t the only way to make *honest* snot involve soliciting donations from a bunch of people/animals? Any other type of snot would, by definition, be ersatz.

  3. Another very easy “snot” can be made by boiling a cup of flax seed in a few cups of water.

    It is edible, has a clear-to-opaque look that I imagine is easy to modify with food colouring, and is very inexpensive.

    It also makes a nice egg replacement, go figure.

  4. I used to work in makeup effects and I know that we always used methyl cellulose for slime. The toy “slime” is the same stuff. Methyl Cellulose is non-toxic (you see it as a food thickener on ingredients labels and is used as a food supplement for constipation) and comes in the form of a white powder. Mix in cold water to desired thickness and you’re good to go. Use food coloring in the water before mixing to tint it. I saw some online for about $12 a pound. Have fun getting slimy!

  5. I used to make this when i was 4 years old but my friend and I emptied the stuff from the Hoover and dirt from the garden into it to make it real!! No green food coloring tho……..I didn’t try it, but it did put me off from eating my boogers for a week……..

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