The Fonz, Richie, Andy, and Opie are pro Obama


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  1. akbar56 says:

    Whats bad is my scifi geek kicked in and picked up Dren from its Farscape useage of “shit”

  2. Xopher says:

    Rhymes that way, too, Akbar56.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone know the artist or track name of the music playing in the background at the beginning and end of the video?

  4. octopede says:

    OK. Back up. Andy Griffith is alive? And he’s voting Democratic?

  5. akbar56 says:

    Exactly Octopede, thats how serious this election is.

    The real question we must ask now is how would Barney Fife and Al vote?

  6. maturin says:

    thank you for supporting my usage of “dren”
    would have been pathetic to be disemvoweled for a word Joanie Cunningham made up. :-)

  7. uglyredhonda says:

    #7: US3 – “Cantaloop (Flip Fantasia)”

  8. Brainspore says:

    OK. Back up. Andy Griffith is alive? And he’s voting Democratic?

    That clip was actually filmed shortly before his death in the late ’80s just for the benefit of future generations. Such is the power of Obama.

  9. FoetusNail says:

    I’m still scarred and scared.

  10. Anonymous says:

    #11, many thanks, I’ve had that song in my head on and off for 5 years or so.

  11. Bonnie says:

    Whenever I vote I think to myself: “What would Leather Tuscadero do?”

  12. cory says:

    I honestly, seriously thought AG was dead. I even remembered feeling sad about it. Thus, this video seriously creeped me out until I checked. Who knew?

    The memory is a funny thing.

    On a related note, do Opie and Richie BOTH get to vote?

  13. mr_josh says:

    I had that thought too, but I think I was confusing him with Don Knotts.

  14. wolfwitch says:

    Anyone know who Alf would vote for?

    Oh wait- alien. Never mind.

  15. Stefan Jones says:

    Don Knotts sent in a provisional ballot. He wrote in Ross Perot for President because he likes the guy’s looks.

  16. Jack says:

    This is the GOATSE of televised nostalgia.

    Please, don’t ever do something like this again.

  17. David Pescovitz says:

    I was also shocked to see Andy for a second! Glad he’s still alive, patroling on our behalf. : )

  18. Alpinwolf says:

    To me the creepy was somehow overwhelmed by the awesome.

    Maybe cuz Winkler still rocks The Fonz.

    “Boy was I wruuuh… wrouhuh… Yeah, that’s the word.”

  19. freshyill says:

    Here’s the real link on Funny or Die, not the crappy-looking stolen version on YouTube. You should really update the link to this.

  20. Dead Air says:

    The Andy Griffith one felt like two old actors reprising their roles in the same timeframe they played them before.

    What’s really creepy about the Happy Days one, was that it felt more like these same guys were really in the same Milwaukie neighborhood decades later and way older, and the Fonz is still a greaser in ’50s hood clothing admitting he voted for Bush…

  21. takeshi says:

    Barney would’ve voted Palin. Otis for Bush. Al for Bob Barr. Aunt Bee for Mr. C, and Mr. C for Ralph. Oh, the postmodernism.

  22. takeshi says:

    Also, Goober and Gomer write in Kucinich.

  23. roundabout says:

    dont be a pussy jack

  24. unklstuart says:


    Yes Cantaluope Island from the album Empyrean Isles.

    Herbie Hancock — Piano
    Freddie Hubbard — Cornet
    Ron Carter — Bass
    Tony Williams — drums

  25. hcovitz says:

    Makes up for the Happy Days episode where the Cunninghams dis Adlai Stevenson.

  26. grimc says:

    And because the Andy Griffith talk has surely raised the question in many people’s minds:

    Yes, Abe Vigoda is still alive.

  27. hcovitz says:

    Cunninghams dis Democrat Stevenson and support Republican Ike in this episode:

  28. hcovitz says:

    This episode made me hate Howard Cunningham for the rest of my life:

    Adlai Stevenson was a great man.

  29. devophill says:

    #33 Bondjamesbond-

    I have tremendous respect for any major Hollywood persona who is willing to let himself be filmed getting his nose hairs clipped..

    And to be filmed taking off his toupee! (Not that he ever wears one, but still.) It’s something I kinda hope catches on. Bill Shatner, I’m looking at you…

  30. Shrdlu says:

    #7: Herbie Hancock’s Cantaloupe Island. I believe that is Miles Davis on the trumpet.

  31. Shrdlu says:

    Too bad Don Knotts is not still with us. It would have been great to see him come out of the bushes and go into a pro-McCain rant. He was a master of the misguided soapbox speech.

    I watched the entire Andy Griffith Show series on WGN this past year. All I had read about it for years is how ridiculously idyllic it was in portraying small-town life and the conspicuous absence of Blacks on the show. I was surprised by just how progressive it really was, not to mention appearances by the likes of a very young Jack Nicholson and Barbara Eden–that costume on I Dream of Jeanie did not do justice to her figure like a snugly tailored dress and heels did.

  32. hcovitz says:

    Actually, Fonzie also voted for the Republican:

    At a large public rally Fonzie publicly declares, “I like Ike. My bike likes Ike .

    So, also good to see Winkler making up for that.

  33. highlyevolved says:


  34. mongo says:

    Fraud! Lies! Andy may be alive but he wasn’t in the same studio as Opie. That was green screened and matched up.

  35. nanner says:

    @2 & 3

    “dren” is Nerd spelled backwards. Joanie had the hots for Potzie at some point and made it up

  36. Bevatron Repairman says:

    There’s something about these “I’ve never made a political endorsement before” things that remind me of Playboy Fora: “I never expected to be writing you…”

  37. Clayton Hove says:

    What, no Mork cameo?

  38. vespabelle says:

    needs more Matlock!

  39. bondjamesbond says:

    I have tremendous respect for any major Hollywood persona who is willing to let himself be filmed getting his nose hairs clipped….

    Damn, Ron… good for you!

  40. douqep says:

    YouTube took the video down. Available at its source here:

  41. maturin says:

    Obama is a dren
    McCain can sit on it

  42. enolagray says:

    Somewhere, one shark turned to another and asked, “hey did you just feel a weird sensation, like something was going over your back?”

  43. Teresa Nielsen Hayden / Moderator says:

    Maturin, what’s a dren?

  44. Xopher says:

    Hey, he could have been naturalized.

  45. Takuan says:

    misspelling of “dream”

  46. cowboy_k says:

    Was I the only one who thought to check the Internet to see if “dren” might have been used appropriately?

    “Dren was used as a nickname in an episode of Happy Days where Joanie described Potsie as the opposite of a nerd, being that word spelt backwards.”


    (And we all know that Wikipedia is accurate, right?)

  47. Cool Products says:

    That was pretty funny. I really liked the Henry Winkler/Fonzie part, that was great.

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