Chanel gun heel

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Seen above, the gun heel from the Chanel Cruise 2009 collection. Chanel Gun Heel (Thanks, Michael-Anne Rauback!)


  1. I am soooooo tired of the weapons craze in design. I can’t wait ’til it fades out. It’s not clever anymore. Even if it were, it’s not well executed here.

  2. Of COURSE she wouldn’t be allowed on a plane with those. But I’d love to see the expression on the TSA guy’s face when she takes off her shoes for the explosives sniffers. :)

    OTOH, some idiot in the concourse might call security on her and she’d get arrested for carrying a “hoax gun” without even getting anywhere near the check point. At least in Boston.

  3. It really boggles my mind to think about the people who would actually buy these shoes. I mean, c’mon, they’re Chanel, so they are obviously pretty expensive. Who would pay money (lots of) to own some novelty heels?

  4. @7: Ba dum ching!

    @4: Yeah, these made me think of James Bond movies too. These totally belong on an evil Bond girl. 007: Dressed To Kill.

  5. To be complete, they’ve got to go ‘POW’ with every step.

    I don’t dislike the idea, but they seem a bit flimsy to me, surprisingly cheap-looking (mostly the silver ones). I’d really like them if they were sleek patent leather and no strap, like court shoes.

  6. They look particularly painful to wear, one-upping the “Platforms of Terror” that came from Prada for Spring 09. Look at where the heel connects to the sole – it’s right in the instep, not the heel of the foot.

    Heel = low sensitivity, lots of shock absorption. Instep = high sensitivity, little shock absorption. Poke yours for comparison. Yowch.

  7. seriously now darlings, phu-leeez! Open toes with a small slide-frame low caliber? That is sooo last season Milan, what were they thinking!?

  8. As of right now there is a huge wait for these shoes. When they do come out the price is going to be $2,200. There are other manufactures as well that has the same idea of heels out there that you can buy now for under $100.

  9. Do they even allow high heels on planes? I thought the whole security thing was to stop people from emulating movies and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen a movie where someone uses a high heeled shoe as a weapon.

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