Kitchen utensils and cookware transformed into skull


6 Responses to “Kitchen utensils and cookware transformed into skull”

  1. Phikus says:

    You sure this wasn’t from Hell’s Kitchen?

  2. Enormo says:

    Is cooking bad for us or something? I don’t get it.

  3. Pete says:

    It looks like the work of Subodh Gupta, an Indian artist who uses shiny kitchen utensils to make artwork.

  4. virgil says:

    Nice, but just try doing the reverse and see what happens.

  5. mdh says:

    “Is is Boiling Hot?”

    “Just the way you like it“

  6. gd23 says:

    @3 Aye, ’tis Subodh Gupta, saw it in venice last year also. very. cool.

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