Researchers build "haunted" room


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  1. MachineElf says:

    @#2 JJBuilder:

    Yes, it does take a while for journal articles to appear! From the article history:

    Received 26 November 2006
    Reviewed 21 March 2007
    Revised 24 September 2007
    Accepted 2 October 2007

    And it’s still not yet published…

  2. Icaruswing says:

    I read somewhere recently that a fairly large percentage of hauntings could be explained as the symptoms of low level carbon monoxide poisoning, and that those people experiencing persistent hauntings in their homes or buildings should actually consider having their heating systems / water heaters tested for CO emissions. I thought that was interesting.

  3. Dean says:

    I think “kick-ass” is a technical term isn’t it?

  4. Marketblogger says:

    Can’t tell from what has been reported whether they bothered to use a control. Sounds like they did not. It says 79 participants were exposed to the EMFs, nothing about a control group. Turn off the EMF, make same suggestions to control group sent into same room. If control group experiences same thing as group exposed to EMFs, then EMFs are bogus and experiences are suggestibility. Science 101.

  5. MarlboroTestMonkey7 says:

    What they have built is a unhauntable room

  6. assumetehposition says:

    @#5 Icaruswing, there was an episode of “This American Life” a while back, where a supposed haunted house was found to contain low-level CO as you say — in this case caused by the spooky gas lamps.

  7. jjbuilder says:

    By the way that’s actually a project by Usman Haque, in collaboration with Chris French, here’s more:

    (from 3 years ago, takes a long time for journal articles to appear I guess!)

  8. jjbuilder says:

    aha! I knew I had read about it here before:

  9. David Pescovitz says:

    Indeed! Posted here, in fact. I’ll add to the post. Thanks for the reminder!

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