Lovely photo of Lemming skeleton


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  1. Justin France says:

    I’d be checking any near cliff-faces with a Disney film crew hurling the poor things down.

    A beautiful image, if not a bit sad. Still giving me urges to play Lemmings, mind.

  2. dbarak says:

    Where are the other lemmings?

  3. Gary61 says:

    “He’s dead, Jim – and I can’t bring him back.”

  4. wolfiesma says:

    It reminds me of a short story I read in middle school about a poor dog that was buried at Pompeii. There was a picture that went with the story and it looked a lot like this.

    But I do like the crack about clutching the SUV keys. Classic.

  5. alisong76 says:

    Oh, nonsense. Someone just forgot to get another lemming build a little bridge for him, than then give him a little umbrella. Blow them all up and restart the level.

  6. Anonymous says:

    The photographer is Erika Leslie. She has taken many photos of living lemmings as well as this little one. She works at the University of Oslo’s field station at Finse, Norway where she has studied the lemmings. She is a very gifted photographer!

  7. urshrew says:

    I laughed pretty loud at that one ALISONG. I played that game so much when I was a kid, and looking back on it, I often would crowd as many of them as I could in one place and blow ‘em to smithereens.

    Much like those digital lemmings, this guy seems to be a victim of that human love for destroying things.

  8. alisong76 says:

    LOL, urshrew, my brother and I used to do the same – it was especially fun to squeeze 100 into the space one would normally occupy. All those little “Oh noes!” used to crack me up.

  9. nigelstwin says:

    ALISONG ftw..
    I had forgotten that lemmings were actual animals that didn’t wear shirt-dresses and have tufts of green hair.

  10. lijn says:

    Although climate change isn’t something to joke about, my first thought upon seeing this photo and the accompanying story was:

    Oh no!

  11. Daemon says:

    #4 & #9 – Between the two of you, I have no further comments to make on this.

  12. Patrick Dodds says:

    Is his spine curled round a hand-grenade?

  13. Takuan says:

    beautiful iconography. Needs a little, tiny set of SUV ignition keys clenched in skeletal paw.

  14. arkizzle says:

    I’m impressed, 13 comments and nobody’s dragging out the tired old lemmings+cliff myth.

    Good back-hander from Justin France @ 9, though: White Wilderness.

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