Exploding teddy bears


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  1. ESQ says:

    I immediately thought of this:


    (didn’t want to rudely hotlink)

  2. curtismayfield says:

    Hasn’t this been done with several other types of objects by different “artists”. I seem to remember a recent boingboing story on photos of exploding ceramic figures. It seems kind of a lazy way to make “art”.

  3. eustace says:

    The disturbing proximity of “explosion” to “children” would seem to be the point, and would be what distinguishes it from the other attempts to capture striking images using the same technique Sisyphus describes; unless, of course, I’m completely mistaken (perhaps the safest bet).

  4. sisyphus says:

    Coordinating explosives, detonation devices, complex lighting rigs and high-speed cameras doesn’t strike me as the least bit “lazy.”

    “Art,” however, is a bit more subjective. I’ll refrain from commenting in that regard.

  5. gquann says:

    While you wait for the website to recover from the Boing Boing effect, you can take a look at another video of an innocent puppet going boom. Some time ago when I was working on a project with a professional high-speed camera, we used some spare time to do something similar to an easter bunny:

    Rupert, the Rocket Bunny

    It looks like the above linked teddies had it harder, though .(should’ve used more explosives… *g*)

  6. Cool Products says:

    I have definitely done this before, except it was one of those giant stuffed animal bears and the shutter speed on my camera would definitely not be fast enough to capture that. I wonder what explosive they used to blow that thing up, because mine definitely caught on fire after we set it off, ha. Awesome set of photos though.

  7. jimbuck says:

    The picture of the pink one exploding (didn’t follow any of the links) is mildly disturbing and upsetting. Maybe it’s b/c I got 3 young girls who all love their stuffed animals.

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