Photo of vibrating toilet seat inventor

Xltoilettt This is Johnny Henry of Laurel, Mississippi who has invented a vibrating toilet seat. "“This invention is designed to stimulate,” he told the Laurel Leader Call newspaper. “It’s to make you feel good while you are there.” More interesting to me than the invention is the odd composition of the photo.
"Local man invents vibrating toilet seat" (Thanks, Tara McGinley!)


  1. Believe it or not, this concept has gone through my thought process before. Sometimes a few shakes helps everything go a lot smoother, think shaking a condiment bottle to get all the mustard out. Okay, not great analogy.

  2. Vibrations are the motor oil for the universe.

    So why not there ;)

    But where I really want vibrations is on the bottom on my french press.

  3. I’ve been to Laurel, MS. This man’s toilet seat is probably the only source of stimulation in the whole town.

  4. Can’t believe this is making the rounds. I work for the local tv station in Hattiesburg/Laurel and one of our reporters interviewed this dude today, don’t ask me why, I have NO idea. Should be airing at 6pm tonight.

  5. Looks like a standard $20 cheapo toilet seat with a Craft-matic adjustable bed controller sitting next to it.

  6. #17

    “…with a Craft-matic…”

    Maybe a Crap-matic?

    Maybe a Crap-number seat? What number are you? I’m a #2.

  7. >>>More interesting to me than the invention is the odd composition of the photo.<<< Sorry, I don't get it. What's odd about the composition of the photo?

  8. We had a couple of good earthquakes the other day. I don’t know that a vibrating toilet seat would really sell here.

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