Pioneering hillbilly/soul label King Records celebrated


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  1. Patrick Anderson says:

    I suddenly feel the need to drive six hours to indulge my girlfriend’s desire to see the Cleveland zoo, with a little side trip.

  2. fungstyle says:

    Patrick Anderson: The Cincinnati Zoo is far superior to the Cleveland Zoo, just as an FYI.

    And thanks for posting this David. I learn more about our beautiful city everyday and it’s always a pleasure to hear new things from fellow Queen City appreciators.

  3. doomslang says:

    *hank ballard, dooder

  4. wolfiesma says:

    The community outreach component of the King Studio revival sounds very exciting. Recording music was the number one aspiration in the world for so many of the at-risk kids I worked with. For some of them to get a chance to learn about recording equipment would be outstanding. There are kids like that everywhere. Good luck.

    P.S. If King Studios put out some compilation CDs of recordings for a fundraiser, I think they would do really well.

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