Raymond Scott vinyl toy

In celebration of electronic music pioneer Raymond Scott's 100th birthday, toy company Presspop Gallery have released this beautiful vinyl figurine and CD package in a limited edition. Presspop are the folks who previously made the rare Bob Moog toy. The Scott package includes a miniature model of Scott's Clavivox instrument. The CD features unreleased tracks from the Scott archive. The set is $49 from the Official Raymond Scott site! Raymond Scott Centennial Vinyl Figurine & CD Set (Thanks, Drew Friedman!)


  1. I can hardly believe my eyes! The Bob Moog package sold-out before I could get it, but I’m not going to miss this one. Presspop’s stuff is always top-quality. Archer Prewitt and Jeff Winner did a great job on this.

  2. “The Happy Whister”?

    Electronium sounds like a good name for a hypothetical subatomic particle combination. (a la positronium, muonium, etc.)

  3. Yeah, I got a couple of Raymond Scott “Vinyl Toys” too. . . they’re called PHONOGRAPH RECORDS.

  4. I know his son a little. He’s a fellow film editor and he’s been working on a film about his father for years. I haven’t seen the trailer but I’ve heard it’s making the rounds.

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