Woman finds possum peeking out from artificial Christmas tree (video)

Texas resident Brett Ingram was reveling in the holiday wonder of her artificial Christmas tree—white-frosted fronds and all—when she heard an unfamiliar sneeze from the vicinity.

"I look over and around the tree a little bit and didn't see anything and figured it was just one of my animals," Ingram said. "I continued to work but then I heard it again, louder, along with some other animal-like noises."

Ingram poked around the tree and that's when she "saw a giant, breathing ball of gray fur, and his smell was horrible. I backed up and looked around the front of the tree and saw his adorable face looking at me." Video below.

From Chron:

She called a local wildlife expert who advised her to put on gloves, pick up the opossum, and place him outside. "But he did NOT let go of the tree," Ingram said, adding the creature was bigger than it appeared in the video. "It was about a 30 min. escapade."

After chasing it around the house, she told UPI, she managed to "tackle him like an NFL football player" and escort him outside without harming the possum or herself.

(via Coast to Coast)